October 31, 2017

Musings: My Unrequited Love Playlist

Do you ever have those moments when you convince yourself you’re in love? Maybe I sound deluded and I’m still not sure what love is (More of a concept to me right now). But all I know is that we all harbour feelings deep down somewhere for those unrequited loves…

It might be your rush hour crush, the person who knows your coffee order without you uttering a word, or it could be someone you have seen in passing? I may or may not have one at the moment and the only thing getting me through this tough time is this playlist:

Just a crush… 

Jennifer Paige – Crush

Let us not forget Mandy Moore’s crush either…

Savage Garden – Truly Madly Deeply

An absolute classic, if you don’t remember this then HOW YOUNG ARE YOU?

Miguel – All I Want Is You

This gets me right in the feels.

Lana Del Rey – Burning Desire

One of my favourite Lana songs ever.

Beyoncé – Haunted

Also my favourite Bey song ever. I wish she’d do a whole album like this. Also, anyone spot that this is possibly a follow up to her and Lady Gaga’s Telephone video?

Kings of Leon – Closer

Another favourite of mine. Am I destined to like the moodiest songs? Hell yes!

Ginuwine – Differences

Once the unrequited love enters your life, you feel… different…

Britney Spears – Crazy

To lighten the mood.

Only Mariah knows what this post is really about. Don’t ask.

Char xo

Featured image sourced from Unsplash.

One response to “Musings: My Unrequited Love Playlist”

  1. kimiwashere says:

    I’ve had an unrequited love a time or two! lol. Thanks for the playlist! 🙂

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