November 4, 2017

Musings: My Basic Skincare Routine

Please note, this a collaborative post with The Independent Pharmacy.

The older I get, the more conscious I become of my skin. That’s why I keep my skincare routine basic, try and drink plenty of water and avoid too many takeaways. It’s true when they say you are what you eat. No one wants to be an oily grease-ball, or do they?


Cold water, hot water, drinking water. Water is key in my skincare routine but I do find the water in London to be very hard. This leads my already dry skin to be in need of moisture all year round, so I make sure to not douse my face in water too much. I find a splash of cold water in the morning does the trick. Not only that, my skin clears up SO much when I’ve been drinking lots of water.


I love a good serum. I don’t have a particular brand I’m loyal too as I switch them up but I find serums really help lock moisture into my skin whilst London sucks the moisture out. If you are suffering from acne or breakouts, check out these from the Independent Pharmacy, but of course, please consult with a pharmacist or doctor if you’re unsure.


I live for moisturiser in my basic skincare routine, I couldn’t live without it. I use it probably three times a day or more as I hate feeling like my skin is dry. Again, I prefer ones that have a gel like formula and are long lasting, but its all trial and error.


Making sure I take off my make up is the key to a basic skincare routine. You have to take it off before you can put anything on right? Micellar water and baby wipes do the trick, but I always wash my face after with hot water and a flannel.

What does your basic skincare routine consist of?

Char xo

Please note, this a collaborative post with The Independent Pharmacy.

4 responses to “Musings: My Basic Skincare Routine”

  1. Cherryl says:

    I also find that when I’ve been on holiday in the sun – it really improves the health of my skin, it looks smoother, looks more radiant and fades any blemishes.

  2. SimplyUntamedNatonya says:

    I too noticed when I drink way more water, my clears up so much. Lovely post 😄

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