February 9, 2018

Memoirs: #VeryValentines – Event Roundup

So the brief for this post was to be creative, original and fabulous. I may be the first and second, so I’ll let you be the judge of number three. Let me get started with my poem for you… and me.

One cold night in Jan

The Very Valentines event began

Filled with talented bloggers and brands

I made my way around the stands

Where I made sure my business cards would exchange hands

Next stop was a trip down Boux Avenue

Where I spotted a thing I liked (or two)

Then the canapés came out and I couldn’t help but chew

I spotted the charms from ChloBo and was in love with my view

Longing for summer, I strolled over to see Ann

And their pieces made me think ‘YES I CAN’

Then I wondered about a bra 

And their pieces made me scream ‘AAAH’

Then I sipped some prosecco 

And I felt a little Art Deco

And every item from Gossard 

Made me wanna max out my credit card

Before I was enticed by Panache

And made friends with a lady called Curvy Kate

Then Dorina called me over

Because their logo was a clover

I needed some luck

As my blog tends to get a little stuck

I would like to thank Very and all the brands

For filling up my hands

With an overflowing goodie bag

Before I encountered the world of jet lag.*

You can shop all the lingerie here, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not, Very’s Valentine range is nothing short of HOT.

Char xo

Photos provided by the team at Very, they do not belong to me. * I had a 6am flight the next morning. 

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