April 12, 2018

Musings: Styling with Eco Cosmetics Hair Products

I was sent some hair styling bits to try from Eco Cosmetics UK and I am happy to say they’ve now become a staple in my styling routine. Depending on what I go for my hair is either straightened or I leave my curls to flourish. It really depends on how much I can be bothered; straightening my hair is a chore but so is detangling. Will I ever find a happy medium? Who knows? Anyway, I’m here to talk about the Eco Cosmetics hair spray and mousse. 

Package me up

The packaging is minimal and clean, just how it should it be. I always wonder if some brands use packaging as a deterrent from the product, but Eco Cosmetics is everything it says on the ‘tin’.

Travel with me

As a frequent traveller, they’re the perfect size to put in your suitcase and I can only imagine how good the mousse would hold up on a curly style after spending all day at the beach. I’ll be taking this with me to Dubai next month and I also can’t wait to see if the hairspray will hold up in 35C heat.


How does it feel?

It has pomegranate and goji berries which helped to nourish, protect and stop my hair from drying out. If you live in London, you’ll notice the water is ‘hard‘ meaning lots of limescale but consequently dry skin and even drier hair. Hair products that contain natural ingredients are better for me as curly mixed hair is often dry and needs lots of oils and conditioning products.

What I found with both the hairspray and the mousse is that it didn’t dry out my hair. Some of the products I have used in the past seem to contain alcohol (which I love, but my hair doesn’t) and leads my hair to feel even drier and on occasion a little flakey.

Best of they have both been certified both been certified organic & natural and cruelty-free.


The Eco Cosmetics range gets a thumbs up from me and I cannot wait to try more products!

More more more

You can find Eco Cosmetics UK on Facebook (@EcoCosmeticsUK), Instagram (@ecocosmeticsuk) & – of course my favourite social media – Twitter (@EcoCosmeticsUK). You can find out everything you’d ever need about the brand itself here under the “ÜBER ECO” tab.

They also do other products like their tattoo body lotion which preserves the colour of your tattoos, organic sun-cream, and other hair products.

Have you tried Eco Cosmetics hair products before? 

Char xo

Please note, these products were sent for my review but all views are my own. 

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