April 15, 2018

Musings: 7 Moments from Beychella to Start Your Week

Beyoncé is probably still in her stage outfit as I type up this post and I have passive exhaustion from witnessing (well via YouTube) one of her greatest performances to date. Where do I begin?


Beyoncé gave birth to twins Rumi and Sir last June and less than a year later she is back onstage, hands down, she is the hardest working woman in the entertainment industry. Use this as your motivation to conquer the world. Dream it, work hard, grind until you own it. 

2) BeyU

Does anyone have the urge to go back to university? From the marching band, the step team and enrolling in Beyology 101, I will purposely keep failing so I can stay forever. Schoolin’ Life starts with the Beychella performance. 

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3) Jay Z and the Natural Hair 

Is this punishment for his transgressions? Is he finding his curl pattern? We’ll never know but I do wonder if he has an anonymous blog for ~natural hair journey as there are a lack of male advocates in this area. Use this as a chance to ditch the straighteners for once and embrace your natural hair texture.

I love Jay-Z and he is one of the greatest rappers of my generation, but didn’t he sound a little out of breath?

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Is a reunion on the cards? We’ll never know but the chemistry onstage when these three ladies perform is electric. If you know you haven’t seen any friends in a while, use this week as an opportunity to meet up, give them a call or arrange a future date. We’re all to be old to be ‘ghosting’, acting flakey and airing each other. Be honest, get it together and enjoy each other’s company. Imagine Kelly or Michelle had said no to this performance? 

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5) Solange

I didn’t even recognise Solange at first, I thought she was another dancer. Siblings have a bond like no other, and Solange had always been compared to Bey, but they’re two different people with talent running through their veins. What better to start your week than with your favourite sibling or family member? 

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There were over 100 dancers, singers and talented peeps behind the horns onstage and it’s amazing to see everyone come together in celebration of music, love and life. The presence, the choreography and the energy was out of this world. If this doesn’t get you hyped up, what does? 

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Have you watched Beychella yet?

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Char xo

Featured image is a screenshot from YouTube, please don’t sue me. 

I may sound like a crazy Beyhive member from putting up this post so quickly but you have to write when the inspiration strikes and its my blog. 

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