June 1, 2018

Musings: Things I Hate About Travelling 

So I’ve probably covered some of these points in my ‘Airport Annoyances’ post I wrote a while ago but as I’ve just returned from my 6th destination of 2018 so far, I noted a few more things I hate about travelling.


Packing is actually something I despise. I never know what to bring, so I bring options, then my bag is overweight, then I get anxious that I still have to pack make up and toiletries. What has been a saviour is packing cubes, which help me organise my clothing and save space in my case. 

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Queueing for security, check in, for boarding, for your transfer. As a Brit, I do wonder how much of my life I’ve spent in a queue already. If I had my own airport, the only queue there would be is for the onsite spa. 

Tell ’em Ri

Checking In

*See above points

Sometimes the check-in desk can be a little daunting for me, because of queues and if I’m still panicking that my bag is overweight. If you’re lucky the person behind the desk might overlook it, but I’ve also been in situations where I’ve had to repack. Not only that, if you’re travelling with a group, someone is most likely to be late, add that on with queues and you’ll be sprinting with the airport to catch your flight. 

Checking Out

*Again see the above point about packing 

Checking out is something I dread as I have a habit of visiting the mini-bar and using the phrase ‘Just charge it to my room’. I think that embodies exactly what I’m like whilst travelling, chilled and happy to spend a little more because I’m under my own guise of only being there once. Also, don’t get me started on packing, somehow my case lands up being heavier even though I’ve used up my toiletries. I don’t get it either? 

Other Travellers

Right, I love meeting other travellers on my trips but some of them get on my nerves. Some like to make it a competition by counting all the countries and sights they’ve seen (I don’t care) and some like to completely dismiss a place by bad press it may have had. Travel is all about opening your mind to the world around you and if you dismiss a place you’ve never been, it says more about you than anything.

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Whilst I realise this is a list of things I hate, they might be things that make you excited to travel. What we should continue to realise is that we are fortunate enough to travel and sometimes it’s important to step outside yourself and realise that you are privileged. One day, I’d love to change this and make travel a necessity for everyone, no matter who you are, where you’re from, what you did as long as you have your documents in check. 

What do you hate about the whole travelling process?

Char xo 

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7 responses to “Musings: Things I Hate About Travelling ”

  1. Checking in is scary for me because I fear being overweight…LOL – My blood pressure shoots up EVERY TIME!!

    My trip to #CostaRica I was overweight and my cousins Boyfriend had to turn back off the motor way to come collect my excess dresses, bikinis and accessories. I was so shame, but there was no way I was paying for the excess weight.
    I have since improved but I still worry every time I get to bag drop!!!!!

    Another thing I dislike about travelling is the delays with airport security, they manoeuvre like they are selling in the market, cha lol!

    Despite all of these little things though you are right we are very blessed to be able to travel.!! – Great read for me as I sit here at work looking busy! lol

    Looking forward to more Char xoxo



  2. John Aiwone says:

    All so true – and waiting for your luggage to appear on the conveyor belt too *smh*

    Johnny | The Travel Connoisseur

  3. Lol I was laughing when I was reading this cause I agreed to every single point! Packing has to be the worst and then you get on holiday and you can thin of amazing outfits that you could wear but you haven’t packed it! ANNOYING!

    Checking in and out can’t stand just wish i was in the country I’m flying to quickly…. I like this post I think I need to do something similar. Thanks for sharing!

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