May 31, 2018

Musings: 5 Ways To Have A Luxurious Day in London On a Budget

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Groupon.

London is my city, the place I was born and raised, but it’s one of the most expensive cities on the planet. How do I do it? I’m not sure, but last summer (and the ones before) resulted in one too many overpriced rooftop cocktails and not enough saving. This year, I’m on a mission to ‘live my best life’ whilst on a budget.  I’m aiming to do 12 destinations/places in 12 months BUT I always forget, London is a destination too. There is so much to it, Central, North, South (ew), East and West, each with their own distinct personalities and traits. Whilst North is where I feel most comfortable, there are so many things to do that don’t have to be focused around alcohol or food and are frankly overpriced.

Why pay more, when you can pay less?

My attitude to spending money thanks to Rihanna.

You don’t need to be drinking at a swanky rooftop bar or ‘hottest’ restaurant to prove to world you live a ‘certain’ lifestyle. You can do it by paying less and letting your Instagram feed speak for itself. Hashtag SORTED.

Here are a seven ways you can have a luxurious day in London on a budget with amazing deals from Groupon.

1. Massage Your Cares Away

Getting a massage is the ultimate luxury to me. It’s an hour or two of pure indulgence, without any phones, work or distractions where you can purely zone out. If I had it my way, this would be a weekly occurrence, but for now, they’ll be a quarterly indulgence.

Stick to places further out for cheaper deals but make sure you do your research before. I highly recommend a deep tissue massage if your workout frequently.

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2. Date Night Fun

I’m single like a dollar bill, but that doesn’t stop me going on mate dates or wondering what restaurants it would be nice to take a special someone to. My favourites are Bungatini, Gaucho and The Table but not all of these are cheap. You can enjoy fine-dining at a fraction by eating early e.g lunch or between Sunday and Thursday.

Spice up your date night with a mid-week treat and don’t be afraid to hand over the Groupon voucher. More money to spend on things to do in London right? 

3. Escaping the Room

My first escape room experience was on a visit to Las Vegas last year for a hen do and I have been itching to do more. I just need a squad that will turn up on time (here’s hoping). Escape rooms are a great way to put your mind to the test, draw on your strengths and weaknesses and solve a mystery in the process.

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4.  Dance with me?

I cannot dance to save my life and the one and only times I’ve been to a dance class I’ve had to have a drink or two before. I would love to go back again as although I have no rhythm, life is all about challenging yourself and having fun in the process.

Let’s just hope there are no murders on the dance floor…

5. Learn to fly

Unless you own a broomstick or a magic carpet, you’ll never know what its like to fly unless you suddenly sprout wings and prove me wrong. For everyone else, you can learn to fly a plane… in a simulator. Whilst it may not sound particularly luxurious, all you need is some imagine and you to could be soaring the skies. Or you could just read my travel section.

Although I may have a love/hate relationship with London, there is no denying that there is so much to do, explore and eat. You can have a luxurious day in London if you plan ahead and set a budget.

How would you spend a day in London?

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Groupon; all opinions are my own. 

4 responses to “Musings: 5 Ways To Have A Luxurious Day in London On a Budget”

  1. I can’t wait to visit London I definitely want a photoshoot here.

  2. Sarah says:

    I really want to do an escape room! I haven’t found the right one yet but it’s definitely on the list.

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