May 23, 2018

Musings: The Dubai Instagram Itinerary

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Destination2.

So, one thing I love about Dubai is how ‘Instagrammy’ it is. From the views of the Burf Khalifa to the desert landscapes and towering skylines, Dubai has it all.


I have actually visited this city before and as I type this I just landed here again. Since visiting and reflecting on my time there, I always felt like Dubai didn’t really have an identity given that 20-30 years ago it was just a desert. Now it’s home to expats, the world’s only seven star hotel, luxury apartments and seven lane highways.

When I visited before, I did more relaxing than exploring as since my travels and my travel blog has evolved, so have I. I really like getting under the skin of a place, doing things off the grid and snapping away if I can. Don’t forget you can book Dubai holidays here too. It has perfect weather all year round and with only 6/7 flying time from London, you can visit for a few days or a few weeks.


Whilst I’m here I’m hoping to visit the following places, learn a little more about Dubai and of course get my Instagram photos. Priorities, right?


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Infinity. #TrippinWithChar

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Old Dubai

Old Dubai, I’m told is the place to go to get a true test and experience of the Middle East, with souks, spices and plenty of stalls.

La Mur

La Mur or LA? This is a new arrival to the city and is reminiscent of the West Coast of America. I’ll be ticking two destinations off in one trip thanks to this bohemian spot.


Burj Khalifa

I’ve always looked up at the Burj Khalifa, but now I want to admire the view from 123 floors up. For that extra Instagrammability, going at dawn or dusk will definitely be captivating.


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Above. #TrippinWithChar

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🚤 #TrippinWithChar

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Desert Safari

I’ll be experiencing the desert safari again and last time I dressed up a little too much. These days I’m very much comfort over style (I’m getting old), so I can’t wait to be taking more artistic style shots.

Sunset, Dubai

The Palm

I have no words…

Have you been to Dubai before?

Char xo


Please note, this a collaborative post with Destination2 however all opinions are my own.

10 responses to “Musings: The Dubai Instagram Itinerary”

  1. Is it quite expensive as a holiday hun? I love everything about Dubai, modern yet deep rooted in tradition too. I’d love to visit one day xx

  2. kattieh says:

    So this place is definitely on my wishlist – it looks so beautiful. I love your photos.

  3. Thanks for posting such fun post. I will try this when I visit Dubai. My husband bought us some vouchers via CityCard Dubai and this is included in the tour. I am very excited.

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