May 15, 2018

Musings: Celebrating Life with ‘Its Your Bottle’

Earlier this year, I told myself and you guys reading that you should aim to live your best life, always. Whether that means making sure you take time out of your day to reflect or treating yourself to a takeaway once a week, do it. It all ties in with self-care, doing things that make you feel happy and taking a little time out to be selfish.

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Wine not?

When Briony from Its Your Bottle got in touch with me to review a product from their range, I was delighted. If you’ve read my Twitter or Instagram bio, you’ll notice that I have a penchant for white wine and this is what Briony noticed too. *hic* 

I had some doubts earlier this year about even continuing this blog as I wanted to focus on more editorial content. I’m glad I stuck with it as I’ve been more consistent than ever and its heartwarming when brands get in touch with you versus the other way around.

Your Bottle or Mine?

Anyway, Its Your Bottle are a small but growing brand specialising in personalised wine.

“These include Weddings and related events such as the Hen and Stag do, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties and also personalised wine gifts. Our aim is to provide a service which is truly tailored to you.

We aim to be as flexible as we possibly can when it comes to suiting your criteria. We offer a wide range of beautiful designs suitable for all occasions and carefully selected award winning wines to accompany it. We take pride in offering a service completely unique to each individual, it’s your wine, your way.”


But how did it taste?

Oh white wine, my best friend and my worst enemy. Being wine drunk makes me reveal all my secrets and experience the hangover from hell the next day. But the key to life is moderation, so I spaced out my tasting of this Sauvignon Blanc over a long weekend.

It was refreshing and fruity and everything I needed after the bout of hot weather the other week and just from being an adult in general. I tend to pair my wine with more wine, but this wine is apparently great with light dishes such as fish and chicken. More information about the wine can be found here. 


If or when I am betrothed, I will be ordering a crate load of personalised wines for my guests at my wedding which has yet to be scheduled because I’m kinda single. I will probably personalise it with something along the lines of ‘thank you for putting up with me whining’. But these will make great gifts for my friend’s birthdays until then! 

Its your wine, your way. Whether you want to surprise a friend or family member, or yourself, just remember everyday is a special occasion to someone!

You can shop the range here. 

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Char xo

Please note, this product was sent for my review, but all views are my own. 

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5 responses to “Musings: Celebrating Life with ‘Its Your Bottle’”

  1. What a great idea 💡

  2. I want to know more about this white wine stuff and this is coming from a lightweight drinker lmfao!

    Anything personalised is always nice, I will definitiley make a note of this one and check it out further.
    Well done on the recent collab, thank God you didn’t stop focusing on the bloggin content.

    Keep em coming, My Bloggin Sister xxx

  3. This is such a really good idea!
    I’ll definitely check it out.
    Kelle –

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