June 27, 2018

Memoirs: The Chapel Salon, Islington – A Review

These days, I find the whole ‘get your hair sorted’ one of the strenuous parts of life admin. I get my hair cut once or twice or year, when really it should be every 10-12 weeks, but who really is that orderly? Not me. 

The team at The Chapel got in touch with my just in time as my hair needed a serious refresh. Over Christmas I’d had it bleached and even thought I loved it, I think I’d gone a little too far. It was time to rescue these locks. 

If you’ve never heard of The Chapel though, it was founded by Amanda Dicker 20 years ago, and their ethos is less about ‘let’s keep up with the latest hair trends for the ‘gram’ and more about taking time out of your busy schedule to pause and indulge in a bit of self-care. Amanda loves everything about individuality and self-expression, and it’s reflected in the salon’s aesthetic.

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Booking process

The booking process was really straightforward and it was so nice to have some time to chat through my desired style beforehand. Not only that, it was important to have a skin test done as even thought I dye my hair regularly, you never know when you can have an aversion to a chemical. Our bodies change a lot and it’s definitely a case of being better safe than sorry! 

If you’re generally busy like me, you’ll appreciate the reminders that come through from The Chapel’s booking system a few days before and an evening before your appointment. And if you are your own PA, you can export the appointment directly into your diary.

A week before my initial appointment, I rocked up a little worse for wear (one too many glasses of wine the night before) for my consultation. From the moment I walked in, I was greeted by friendly faces, offered a drink and shown to the sofas to relax whilst Daniel (my stylist) finished up a client.

Most salons I’ve been to don’t generally have a consultation area, a working bar or a smiley face on show, so I could tell I was in good hands.

As a blogger of course I have a Pinterest board dedicated to balayage:

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to go for, definitely not lighter, but not darker either. All I know was that Daniel was so crucial in the decision-making process as he advised me on what would be best for the health of my hair given its current condition.

My Appointment 

A week after my consultation, I headed back to The Chapel after work for an evening of ‘me’ time. I should mention that my hair is of the curly type but over the years of constant straightening, it has become a bit of a hybrid.

On arrival, I was again greeted by friendly faces, and shown to the ‘chair’ where Daniel went over what we discussed in my consultation. My attitude to my hair is generally ‘Its just hair’, but I do need to remember to keep it somewhat healthy and having it bleached and dry isn’t. After a quick brush through my knots, I was shown downstairs to where the magic happens, and all the colour happens.

Colour Me Good

Daniel worked through my hair quickly whilst we chatted over the Mighty Hoopla festival we’d both unknowingly attended the week before and a little history of The Chapel. It’d be voted twice as London’s Best Salon and after only being there for a little while it was easy to see why. Did I mention that they offer tea, coffee or champagne when you arrive? 

After my foils had been put in, I didn’t have to sit in the chair and stare in the mirror like I would in your ‘typical’ salon. Instead, I was shown to the very luxurious waiting area with a copy of Conde Nast traveller. There’s no better place to tune out and get inspiration right?

After half an hour or so, I was then brought over to the basin where I was given the best head massage* (I’m worried about my SEO now) along with a glossing and conditioning treatment. Daniel informed me that the conditioning treatment would help with the damage from the bleach and the glossing treatment would bring back that healthy shine.

He was absolutely right, as my hair turned out everything I wanted it to be and more:

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@thechapelhair is the most relaxing hair salon I have ever been too. Thank you to Daniel and the team for rescuing my bleached locks 💇‍♀️ (BLOG POST UP SOON!) . . . . #thechapelhair #Hair #Hairstyle #Fashion #Hairoftheday #Haircut #Hairstylist #Haircolor #Hairstyles #Hairdresser #Hairfashion #Hairlife #Hairextensions #Hairdown #Instahaircolor #Hairup #Hairideas #Hairs #Hairofinstagram #Hairsalon #Haircare #Hairporn #Hairpost #Hairdressing #Hairdone #Hairaccessories #Instahair

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Daniel gave it a little trim to tidy up those split ends and I was on my way. Not before given some Redken goodies to continue using on my hair to keep it in top condition. I now need to implement this routine and stick to it. 

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The decor

The decor and interior is nothing like I’ve seen before in a salon. It isn’t pretentious or trying to be something its not, it feels like home, albeit slightly quirkier. I loved that each stylist had their own stations, the mirrors were free-standing and the fact there was so much space. Most London salons can feel cramped and congested like a reflection of London itself, but The Chapel felt like just that. A place of worship… to hair.

In comparison to my regular salon where I walk in and it’s pure chaos, The Chapel represented everything it should be, a place of reflection and solace. 

I’ll be back in 8 weeks for a touch up.

The Chapel also have salon’s throughout the UK and one in the luxurious resort of Verbier.

You can find details of the London branch below:

394-396 St John Street
London EC1V 4NJ

Telephone: 0207 5200 460

You can get directions to THE CHAPEL here

Char xo

Please note, my treatment was complimentary, but of course all views are my own. 

*I know its good when I  fell asleep for a few moments. 

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  1. Lia says:

    Beautiful pictures and it looked like you had a great time. Plus your hair looks incredible! Thank you for sharing this with us xx

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