October 15, 2018

Musings: Beauty Advent Calendars That Make Great Travel Minis

Before I start this post in its entirety, I’m aware Halloween isn’t even here yet and the clocks haven’t gone back and this post is about the dreaded C-word… CHRISTMAS. But me being me, I’m going to put a little travel and lifestyle spin on it.

Beauty advent calendars have become all the rage in the past few years with every retailer putting their own spin on the product. No longer are ‘we’ wanting the £1 chocolate calendars we usually demolish in a day but instead daily treats in the form of beauty and skin care products that make us feel good. I’ve seen some that cost up to £500 and some as low as £30 but I can’t help but wonder if they are really worth it? That’s where Chemist4U comes in. Their ones are worth it.

Secret Possibility Of London 12 Days Of Advent Fragrance Calendar, £14.99

What it includes?

The Secret Possibility Fragrance Advent Calendar is an advent calendar full of feminine fragrances she’ll just love to wear. Behind every window you’ll find a 25ml bottle of one of Secret Possibility’s most gorgeous fragrances, with a 100ml bottle on the 24th day, just in time to wear on Christmas day!

My thoughts? 

Purchase it here.

Q-Ki 24 Days Of Beauty New York Advent Calendar, £14.99

What it includes?

This Q-Ki 24 Days of Beauty New York Advent Calendar is a new twist on traditional advent calendars that makeup addicts will love. Filled with lovely makeup that will keep you smiling right up until Christmas day and help you to look on point for all of your Christmas parties!

My thoughts? 

Purchase it here.

S&G Bubble Boutique Luxury Bath Time Advent Calendar, £11.99

What it includes?

The Bubble Boutique Luxury Bath Time Advent Calendar is filled with 24 days of luxury bath products that will help you to relax all the way up to Christmas day. Perfect for those who want to treat themselves or someone they love this holiday season.

My thoughts? 

Purchase it here.

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Travel size beauty items make my heart swell with joy. Is it the packaging? Or knowing its purpose is specifically for a trip? Or the fact that it’s a little cheaper. It’s a mix of all three and its also a great reason to try some new products before committing.

Source: Me in this post . 

Best of all, if you don’t actually want to purchase these as a present, buy them for you! Take them on your travels, throw them in your handbag and treat yourself.

A discount code you say?

You can use the code ADVENT20 to claim 20% discount on any calendar of your choice, making a bargain even more bargainous. 

What do you love or loathe about beauty advent calendars?

Char xo 

Please note, these products were sent for my review by Chemist4U; all views are my own. 

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