April 14, 2019

Memoirs: Personal Peace in Pisa

Italy is my favourite place to travel solo. There is something about the history, the food and the ease of getting around that I always feel inclined to go. Not only that, I find January a particularly hard month. Its one where I feel frustrated, in my head and the best way to get out of is to be alone in a beautiful place to figure things out.  

Friday 1st February 2019


My solo Italian adventures started off with a dusting of snow across London and we all know anytime there is a little white powder in this city, things got awry. 

I usually book a 6am flight but in the interest of self care, I went with a midday one. That made getting to the airport much easier and not feeling like I’d been tasered awake. After a  quick 2-hour flight to Pisa, followed by a bumpy land, I arrived in the land of pasta, pizza and some much needed peace. 

Flying out to Pisa just to get some peace uh… 


I always map out my journey from the airport to the hotel in my new destination before I get there as preparation is key right? The shuttle from Pisa airport is only a 15 minute journey and super cheap at €5.40 for a return ticket. This is pretty much one tube journey in London, so I knew I wouldn’t be overspending on this trip. 


My hotel was apparently a 4 minute walk from Pisa Central station and I have a habit of not being able to read directions. Thankfully, Google Maps has a street view and I took my time to follow them correctly. I soon arrived at NH Hotel Pisa checked in and made it up to my room…


My room was simple, basic and pretty old in comparison to the rest of the hotel and the rooms displayed on the NH Hotel Pisa but for £108 for my whole trip, I really couldn’t complain. 

After a little sit down, the hunger kicked in and Trip Advisor led me to the nearest pizzeria. I thought about sitting in but there is nothing I love more than eating in bed, especially a hotel bed where I can make as much mess as I want. 


You might think I wasted my first couple of hours in Pisa doing nothing and that’s fine but the premise of my trip was to just chill out. There is no right way to travel. Eating pizza in Pisa getting some peace, uh, is my idea of heaven. Solo travelling isn’t just about going on adventures or seeing everything, sometimes you just wanna be alone, recharge your energy and find your harmony with the world.  

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Char xo 

2 responses to “Memoirs: Personal Peace in Pisa”

  1. Elen Mai says:

    I’m looking for travel inspiration right now and this has made me want to go to Pisa so badly! You’re right, there’s no right or wrong way to travel. As long as you do what you want to do, that’s all that matters.
    El x

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