July 16, 2019

Musings: My Beauty Routine For My Summer Travels

Please note this is a collaborative post with Panasonic. 

I have actually been on my summer travels having travelled to Dubai and Amsterdam in May. What I always find difficult is not bringing my entire make up and skin care kit away with me. Luggage weight restrictions exist for a reason, right? On top of that if you are travelling cabin luggage only, you can only bring a small clear bag of liquids. That brings me on to my beauty routine for my travels, what exactly do I take with me? 


When it comes to bringing my skincare products away with me I have to think about the environment of the destination first. Is it desert heat or city heat? Both require slightly different products but what is common is that I’d need SPF. I tend to get my SPF in the airport as I go through an awful amount when in the sun. You can never been too lathered up.

A few other products I swear by are: 

Hyaluronic acid

Without going in to the scientific side to this all I can say is that it makes my skin looks plump, hydrated and provides the perfect base for make up.  

This was before my make up melted off in Dubai.

Vitamin C

I’ve started using this sparingly and mainly at night as it is works well for my hyperpigmentation aka fading my dark marks. It shouldn’t really be used in the day time unless you wear SPF on top. 

When it comes to tools, you can’t go wrong with a facial cleansing brush which works well before applying a face mask or sheet mask after a long day in the sun. Or in the cold if you’ve been battling the winter elements all day.

A sheetmask I have been loving lately is the flamingo bubble mask* from BioMiracle. It works after a day in the sun or even after work. Best of all if you suffer from hyper pigmentation like me this particular one helps to even out your skin tone. You can purchase it here.

Less Is More

The goods…


Now is time for the actual make up… I tend to travel with two foundations, one my usual colour and one darker. I tan very quickly so I usually have to switch to a darker foundation after day one of being in the sun.  


If I don’t want to wear a heavy foundation in the sun I may choose to bring three concealers with me instead. One dark, one light and one my usual shade. This way I can still get the ‘full face’ look but without the heavy feel.

Lipsticks and Lip pencils  

Same with lipsticks, I usually bring a clear gloss, a nude and a bold. If I want to switch up my look lip pencils don’t take up much space and don’t count towards any of my liquid allowance either.  


I opt for a mini-version of mascara I regularly use like Benefit Rollerlash or Too Faced Better Than Sex. 

My staples!


I always bring two palettes, one neutral and one bold but if it’s a shorter trip I’ll just bring the one. Lately I’ve been loving the Huda Beauty palette in Coral Obsessions as it looks really good on my skin tone and has colours I wouldn’t usually go for like bright pink and mustard yellow. 


When it comes to my brows I switch to pencil formula as I don’t like creamy formulas in the heat and again they don’t count towards any of my liquid allowance.

Generally when it comes to my beauty routine abroad it expires me to get more creative as I have less products and less time as I want to be out exploring or relaxing. 

What beauty and skincare products do you use on your travels? 

Char xo 

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Panasonic.

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