July 21, 2019

Memoirs: The 7 Types of Friends You Should Travel With At Least Once

Although my travels in the past couple of years have been solo I have had group trips in-between. That got met thinking about the types of friends you should travel with at least once. And you know what they say – holidays make or break a friendship. 

The Spontaneous Friend

This is the friend who is embodies the phrase ‘go with the flow’, you’ll have no set agenda for your trip but it will make for great stories and content. The spontaneous friend walks with purpose, is confident and knows where they’re going even if you doubt them. 

Negative: If you are a meticulous planner and like knowing what you’re doing throughout your trip the spontaneous friend will challenge your organisation and make you loosen up a little (or not). 

The Inexperienced Friend 😈 

This is the friend in your group who hasn’t travelled much, may be the quiet one or the one you want to break out of their shell. Depending on their personality type once you travel with them may change with experiences, be a burden or the talking point of the trip.

“Do you remember what you did last night?”

Negative: You might feel like a tour guide and get tired of the constant questions and reassurance. 

The Planner Friend

The planner friend is the one who most likely booked the trip, has a bound document with a detailed itinerary, brings emergency supplies and is probably first aid trained. The planner friend is likely to send you reminders of how much you owe for the trip and keep everyone in check. 

Negative: The planner friend may be reluctant to travel with the spontaneous friend because let’s face it they’re control freaks. 

The Party Friend 

Much like the spontaneous friend, the party friend is a night owl who will miss most sightseeing activities as they’ll be asleep. They come alive at night, will always know the hottest spot to hit up and will probably be best friends with the promoter. 

Negative: You might die, lose money or at least lose a limb. The party friend and the inexperienced friend will go hand in hand. 

The Bouji Friend 

This one is actually based on someone I’ve travelled with frequently over the past few years and she goes by the name T in my blog posts. The bouji friend will know the hottest restaurants, best places to stay and have your Instagram feed popping

Negative: You might be going into your overdraft, run up your credit card bill or have to withdraw some savings when you travel with this friend. BUDGETING IS KEY.

The Cheap Friend

This friend is the one who is always on a budget which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but they may have been reluctant to come on the trip in the first instance. They’ll always be hunting for deals, asking the locals for discounts and be ordering sides and tap water at the restaurant. 

Negative: The cheap friend may rub all the others the wrong way in some aspect but not as much as the bouji friend. Or maybe they’ll become the best of friends – bouji on a budget. 

The Try Everything Once Friend 

This friend, much like the party friend is a little wild and lives for those bucket list moments. Bungee jumping, paragliding, even illegal substances, nothing goes past them. They usually can be found going into the dodgy 

Negative: Again, you might die, lose money or at least lose a limb. 

What kind of person are you to travel with?  

Char xo

10 responses to “Memoirs: The 7 Types of Friends You Should Travel With At Least Once”

  1. Megan says:

    Haha love this, I’m definitely the planner/bouji friend! The spontaneous traveller is always a good partner though.

  2. Ricardo Da Costa says:

    I am the spontaneous friend, with a pinch of cheap and planner type person – I CANNOT travel with party goers it’s a no no from me

  3. Kat says:

    I feel like I’m a mix between spontaneous and planner – I like planning and having an idea of where I’m going and what I’m going to aim to see, but my plans are never set in stone and may change on a daily/hourly/minute basis! It all depends on what happens and whether I get lost (which is frequent). I think, with the right friends, I could possibly be classed as a partier! Yeah, so I can’t choose one 😂

  4. Pat says:

    Hahahaha. Love this post.
    I am definitely the planner. I go all out with the planning.

  5. Athina says:

    I really liked this post. I’m definitely the planner friend. And I’m fiest aid trained 😉

  6. Bugo Echem says:

    I’m definitely between the planner and boujee friend.
    Thankfully, husband is spontaneous. I plan every damn thing to a T from my outfits to what we’ll be doing to setting my alarm for the time we’ll be waking up :/ until he seizes the day and my planner and we just go with the flow! Oh i love boujee and comfort and fancy, I can’t help this one!

  7. CallmeSasha says:

    This blog post is sooo needed because you never really know someone until you travel with them. Honestly, the cheap friend has to be the worst in my opinion lol funny experience though haha xx

  8. Aarsh Shukla says:

    Travelling becomes more fun when you travel with friends. You have helped me a lot to identify correct people to travel with. Just here to say thank you!

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