July 31, 2019

Musings: 8 Things People Who Travel Often Are Tired Of Hearing (With Memes)

Now before you think I’ve reached a level of self-entitlement because I appear to travel often (according to Instagram)  this blog post is merely tongue in cheek. I have hopefully softened the harshness with the use of memes and gifs. 

Me and my headache

I guess this post came from a thought I had about people being a little *too* overfamiliar online. Whilst it’s great, sometimes as a traveller and content creator, you need to know your boundaries. Most of us are busy and being bombarded with DMs from those who aren’t supportive but more surveillance social media users can get a little draining. So here are 8 things people who travel often may be tired of hearing: 

“How do you afford this?” 

The same way you spend your money on illegal substances, ugly designer bags that are only in fashion for a week and your dead relationship. WOW, that was bitter but really it’s all about what you prioritise. And let’s be real, it’s cheaper to catch a flight internationally than it is the travel domestically sometimes. Research and preparation are key.

To also add, asking how someone affords their lifestyle when you don’t know them is weird. If someone has a glucose guardian, has a huge salary, has a ton of side-hustles, that is their business. They may choose to share it with you or not. 

“Who are you with?”   

Unless I chose to show who I am with, whether its friends, family, a travel bae, it’s none of your business.  

“When are we travelling together?” 

Not sure if this was a vague attempt at flirting but the answer is – WE’RE NOT. I don’t know about you but I am very picky about who I travel with these days hence why most of my trips are with myself. However, if you would like to travel with me I am currently in the process of drafting a 10 page application form and compatibility tests. 

“Can I come in your suitcase?” 

Potentially the most British response you can get but again the answer is no. My luggage is allowance is usually 23kg to 30kg and you my friend are double, triple or quadraple this weight.

“Another one?” 

Yes. This makes me quote the infamous Chris Brown lyric: You can’t hate from outside the club, you can’t even get in. 

“Can you bring me back [insert item]?”

No. Provide the funds with commission in advance and maybe I’ll reconsider. 

“Can you plan my holiday for me?” 


There are independent and major travel agents and tour operators out there for a reason. Now don’t get me wrong I have family ask me to plan their trips for them all the time and it’s part of the family member contract but when it’s randomers – please stop. Read my blog instead. 

On a serious note, there is SO much free information out there. All it takes is time to research, a little flexibility, an open mind and money. Travel isn’t free. 

“Can you find me return flights to New York over Christmas for £1?”   

Am I the Jesus of travel where I can change prices? 

Anyway as I will always say if you want to join the travel club, it’s very simple – BOOK THE FLIGHT. 

If you are interested in me planning a trip for you… do get in touch on char.memoirsmusings@icloud.com

What things are you tired of hearing about? It doesn’t have to be travel-related!

Char xo

4 responses to “Musings: 8 Things People Who Travel Often Are Tired Of Hearing (With Memes)”

  1. One thing that annoys me is when people comment saying “Ooooh have an awesome time” on a photo from a trip months ago and I even state in my caption when the trip was. They clearly don’t read the captions aha *facepalm*

    Shannon x

  2. Lol I loved this post. Can I come in your suitcase is such a roll the eye statement. Mine is you’re always travelling or when are you gonna take me. It’s so annoying!

  3. Cherrylynn says:

    Dear Char
    You are quite the jet setter – what an amazing collection of destinations you’ve covered, and you still find time for lots of interesting lifestyle topics too – fabulous, keep it up – it’s inspiring to see others like yourself, living life to the full.

    I have nominated you for a ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ 😊🏆🔆and hope you will accept and participate by following this link to see all the nominees and to take part: https://cherrylsblog.com/2019/08/04/sunshine-blogger-award/

    If the link doesn’t work – just click on the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’ post in my blog homepage (Cherryl’s Blog) for all the details.

    With very best blogging wishes
    Cherryl x

  4. Travelling Tuesdays says:

    The one I hate is when they make friends with me just to ask if was want to join their travel agent pyramid scheme. Nuh uh

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