February 17, 2019

Musings: Why You Shouldn’t Be The ‘Where was my invite’ Friend…

A couple of reasons not to be *that* friend and send *that* message on social media or messaging app.

Exhibit A:


Most of the time plans are made last minute and happen to be situational. 

Sometimes it isn’t intentional.

Sometimes we’re on holiday and you said no when we asked you if you wanted to come.

Sometimes and this may be a hard one to swallow… we don’t want you there. Is that a bad thing? No. Sometimes not all meet ups have to be a group. Sometimes they’re just one on one. Or even solo

Sometimes the host doesn’t know you.

Just remember the key word is ‘Sometimes’. 

Also think: How do you even respond to a ‘where was my invite?’ message. Are you the host of “said” plans? 

Also realise sending this message is counter-productive. Does it actually do anything than make you look a little bitter?

But maybe the whole “where was my invite” message is a light-hearted way of ‘looks like you had fun’. I guess we’ll never know. 


I too have been the ‘where was my invite friend’ but I like to think I’m doing it ironically. And generally I have the reportoire with the person for them to know I am of course joking. 


Turn that FOMO (Fear of missing out) into JOMO (Joy of missing out) and embrace life for you. I have a couple of posts that will have you stop typing *that* message and inspire you to do something else. 

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Char xo

One response to “Musings: Why You Shouldn’t Be The ‘Where was my invite’ Friend…”

  1. Catherine says:

    Great, straight to the point post. I’ve sometimes noticed my FOMO turn to JOMO when I get full details of the event/outing and realise I wouldn’t have enjoyed it or wanted to come anyway!

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