March 3, 2019

Musings: The Must Have Travel Accessories You Need Now

Please note, this post contains items that have been sent for my review. 

I remember the days when I would pack by shoving everything in my suitcase and hoping for the best. Now after a solid 4-5 years travelling non-stop I would like to think I have come to a happy place with all my travel accessories. I cannot imagine what life was like without my packing cubes and my portable scales. 

Keeping warm with Pinkclove

Although not technically a travel accessory, keeping warm when travelling is a must. Airports and planes are often cold and travelling with knitwear is a must. 

You can check out Pink Clove for some affordable knitwear inspiration. 

Packing well with packing cubes

You can get these from eBay or Amazon and essentially they’re great for keeping your case organised and making the most of the little space you have.

The only gripe I have with these is that sometimes the zips break on the cheaper ones I buy but other than that definitely keep me organised. 

Aerolite suitcases

Suitcases are suitcases and I highly recommend the hard aerolite cases. They’re lightweight, sleek and fit loads. Not only that, they’re pretty cheap too. 

Credit card wallet from eStockCo 

High Quality modern high-tech look slim design 6 Credit Card Slots and 1 Middle Pocket, flexible comfortable in your pocket”.

When it comes to travelling and money, safety and security is key. A credit card wallet like this one from eStockCo is great for keeping your credit card and hotel room key safe.

You can purchase this here. 

Cabin Zero

I reviewed the Cabin Zero backpack here and since then it’s come with me all around the world. It fits SO much and doesn’t feel like I’m carrying the world on my back. 

Tagging well with Kittags

“Available in two sizes and seven colours, 16.5cm KitTags or 15cm Mini KitTags are made of tough nylon webbing stitched to flat, braided cord, topped with a sealed thermoplastic cap. KitTags lessen the chance of picking up the wrong suitcase at the airport or children bringing home the wrong school-bag by using KitTags.”

They’re great from spotting your suitcase at the baggage carousel, adding a little something to your backpack and giving your luggage a military edge. Best of all, I can only see the tags getting better with age, kinda like Converse?

You can purchase this here.  Don’t forget to use use code CHAR10 for 10% off. 

Multi-Purpose Travel / Storage Case from eStockCo 

“Custom-built this case is designed to let you decide how you would like your gadgets to be stored with our unique interchangeable removable inserts that can be cut or simply pulled out and re-inserted to meet your requirements.”

This case is perfect for keeping your tech and other valuables safe. It slots perfectly in a backpack or cabin case and whilst not in use it works well at home too.

You can purchase the case here. 

Jangers are the new hangers 

“Easy to transport. Jangers are 60 times smaller than a multi-part slide hanger. That means Janger uses less lorries and less fuel to transport, meaning a smaller carbon footprint and a greener planet. And the Janger is 100% recyclable, made with three times less plastic than a standard hanger.” 

These are perfect for those who don’t want their clothes getting crinkled and are conscious of their carbon footprint. Best of all, they’re super affordable and retail at £2.50 and up. You can purchase them here. 

What travel accessories do you swear by?

Char xo 

Please note, some of these items were sent for my review but all views are my own.

4 responses to “Musings: The Must Have Travel Accessories You Need Now”

  1. Laura says:

    Pack it cubes are the best invention ever. Love them!

  2. Elle Mac says:

    Love this. That cabin zero backpack is super cute too. Normally with Efficient packing you have to compromise on style, but I’m loving the fact you don’t have to with them!
    Keep these posts coming girl.


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