March 10, 2019

Memoirs: Eight Hours in Eindhoven

Back on January 26th, I booked a random day trip to Eindhoven as it was an insanely cheap price of £20. You’re probably thinking where even is Eindhoven? Good question because I didn’t really have any idea where it was until I’d booked it. It’s in The Netherlands if you didn’t know. I guess the thing about having a passion for travel is being open to new places, or being persuaded by a cheap flight. I guess it ultimately boils down to being anywhere but here….

Saturday 26th January 2019 

6.10am Flight from London Stansted 

I can’t do these 6am flights anymore. I really can’t. But for £20 I will. I stayed at the Premier Inn nearby with my friend Saalene to try and make the painful 4am alarm bearable and it helped… just a little. Fast-forward 6.15am, we took off on a cramped Ryan Air flight to the little city of Eindhoven.

One positive of taking off this early is seeing the magic of a beautiful sunrise. 

45-50 minutes later, we arrived in Eindhoven. 

8.30am – (Approx – remember the time difference before you think the flight)

We were out of the airport pretty much 10 minutes from having got off the plane. What I love about travelling to Europe is that getting through border control is much easier and efficient than the UK. *cough* Brexit is on the horizon and I guess this my passport may soon be a problem. 

8.43am – Entering Eindhoven

The airport to the centre of Eindhoven is around a 20 minute bus ride so it definitely made the beginnings of a perfect day trip. You don’t want to spend longer than the flight trying to get to the city centre. Neither do you want to spend over the odds to get there.  

Tip: Get the bus no. 400 / 401 and it’s a €7.95 return. 

9.20am – Coffee Lab

Travelling definitely makes you tired, especially when you’re up at ungodly hours to start your journey. My fellow blogger buddy, Jodie, had recommended Coffee Lab to me and without actually searching for it we came across this cute little shop. 

It was a little pricey, but it had a nice vibe and the coffee was good! 

10.30 – Still in Coffee Lab

I could literally sit in a coffee shop all day and Coffee Lab had that kinda vibe. All I needed was my Mac Book and I could write all my troubles away. Anyway, Saalene were in a city for less than eight hours and we needed to to get out and explore. 

Oddly, we bumped into a friend of mine from London, Rhona, who was on the exact same trip but solo. So we crashed her solo trip and made it a girl’s one. This definitely shows that this world is small, the world is your oyster and you can explore on your own terms. 

11.30am – Admiring design and architecture 

Whilst Eindhoven may not be a bustling city like London or New York, it has its own unique charm. It’s fairly young, has a Shoreditch style vibe and some of the most interesting architecture. 

12pm – The Philips Museum

After contemplating what to do for a little while, it started to get quite cold and we weren’t sure what we wanted to do, also noting we didn’t want to spend loads. We took a photo of The Philips Museum from outside and suddenly we just decided to go in and we didn’t regret it one bit. 

Museums for me always were stolen artefacts from other cultures (one of them being the British Museum), but I forget just how many of them there are out there. The Philips Museum is home to the history of all things electronics. 

Without giving too much away, the Philips family did so much for modern society and you’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for technology. To quote Rhona, “Philips did bits”. 

Cost: Approx €9 

2.30pm – Food Markets = Bae

The best markets are those with food right? 

We chilled here inhaling all the food before admiring: Eindhoven cathedral, the high street and another coffee at a place called Brood2Day. 

Eindhoven may not be your Amsterdam or Rotterdam but its definitely worth a visit if you have an extended visit to the Netherlands. 

Check out my See/Eat/Do Amsterdam post here. 

5.40pm – Bus back to airport


8.10pm – Hometime…

Getting through security in Eindhoven Airport is probably the worst I have experienced in terms of pace. We got to the airport around 6pm and it took us around an hour to get through security. Bear this in mind if you like boarding very last minute. 

We landed back in Stansted the same time as we’d taken off (8.10pm) because we travelled through time, right?

Eindhoven won’t be somewhere I’m in a rush to head back to it definitely made me appreciate the smaller cities. As a travel blogger, I feel like I have a responsibility to visit these places as they need tourism. On that note, time to start my world tour of South London. 

Would you ever do a day trip to another city? 

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6 responses to “Memoirs: Eight Hours in Eindhoven”

  1. Great post Char! The food pictures have made me unnecessarily hungry on my commute to work this morning but it was worth it. I’ve heard of Eindhoven before, but only within the context of it having a convenient connecting airport for cheap flights to Amsterdamn …after reading this though, I want to genuinely visit.

    P.S. THE LAST LINE TOOK ME OUT. It’s not everyday S LDN slander sis 😂😂😂

  2. Kat says:

    I love visiting the Netherlands, although I never have gone to Eindhoven. I love the food there and so a food market would definitely be the first place I would go to! That coffee place looks so good tho. I should look for a cheap ticket somewhere while I’m in the UK. It is so easy getting to places from here!

  3. Louisa says:

    Brilliant!!! I am so inspired by you to take my own day trips to Europe from London. I’m going to search your blog for the best one to start with. Lovely writing, easy to read and imagine you are there 🙂 from an admirer x

  4. Ricardo Da Costa says:

    I really like how you laid this blog post out! 6am flights are a myth especially when getting to Stansted airport and you’re not sleeping at a hotel nearby. + when you book these day trips do you have a set of things you want to do or do you just go with the flow?
    and LOOOL that coffee board quote was so… cant think of the word looool.
    Cant wait for you to explore south London!!

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