September 15, 2019

Musings: Why I Just Wanna Be Ugly In Peace

This post came about from a few things I’ve been feeling lately and the societal pressures of being everywhere and doing everything. Sometimes I just wanna be ugly in peace. Tanya from Glam Glitz Gloss has kindly provided some insight the she too wants to be ugly in peace. 

The Beauty of Being Alone 

“Sometimes I just don’t want to speak to or deal with people, and all their endless dramas. If that makes me selfish I’m okay with that, but I’d say it’s actually just a little self care taking a breather from the world.” 

– Tanya of GLAM GLITZ Gloss

I completely agree, I often find myself not wanting to respond to messages, put my phone on airplane mode or just wanting to thrown it in the bin altogether. When did everything become so instant? 

Shutting off is an important part of a health self care routine. You need to set boundaries when it comes to your availability and accessibility. 

I Enjoy Festering In My Natural State 

Or what I call being ugly in peace…

I have never related to a meme so much… 

The words sheet mask and Netflix make me quiver. Putting on a sheetmask is my daily drug and I am addicted. That 20 minutes I spend lying on my bed whilst the all the goodness from the mask sinks into my skin is euphoric. 

This is my happy place. 

Humans are draining. 

Nothing more needs to be said on this point but some people literally suck the life out of you. Have you ever been in someone’s presence and they make your blood sugar drop?

Solo travel 🖤

“The joy of solo travel is that I can see the world without the compromise of waiting for others to book time off, clash of budgets, opinions, etc. and just enjoy the world the way I want.” 

– Tanya of Glam Glitz Gloss 

I’ve written a whole post on solo travel here. Contrary to the solo travel thoughts of ‘you’ll meet people when you’re out there’, I travel solo to be alone. 

Embrace isolation, the peace that comes from being alone and the silence of taking things slowly. 

Char xo 

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  1. Sareta says:

    Lol, this was the best. I’m with you on this way of thinking

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