September 15, 2019

Musings: Barbados Blues & #BlogAtTheBeach

Please note I was invited to the #BlogAtTheBeach event by the icelolly team. 

This past weekend I took a trip up to Manchester with Debbie from Wanderlust Calls for Icelolly’s #BlogAtTheBeach.

I am always looking for an excuse to escape London even if it’s just for a day. The only drawback is travel in the UK is expensive so do bear this in mind if you’re looking to escape the big city. You can cut costs by booking trains in advance or getting a coach.


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Musings from Manchester

Landing in Manchester at 9.27am and in need of food, we headed to Federal Cafe which Debbie had visited on her previous visit to the city. Let’s just say it’s tasty, affordable an completely Instagrammable.

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Tip: I highly recommend the French toast and the raspberry Bellini. 


After walking around Manchester for a little while and getting lost along the way we finally found the On The Beach offices where the event was being held.

I particularly enjoyed seeing the relaxation room with the hammock, I’m not sure how much work I’d be doing if I worked there! 

Building A Community 

I was really excited to see Kirsty Leanne’s panel about building and maintaining a community online. I wondered how I could apply that to myself as I didn’t know if I really had a community but then I realised of course I do. My followers/readers are my community, right?. How could I apply the knowledge Kirsty provided to my platform? For starters:

Asking my followers what content they’d like to see from me (this works for when I run out of ideas)

Being responsive (Not one of those bloggers who never reply to anything)

Sharing their content too (Because it’s not all about me) 

Having fun with it (What life is about, right?) 

Then came time for lunch which was a Caribbean affair; I didn’t get any photos but I can say it was almost as good as home. 

– me

Getting Creative On Instagram

Miss Katy English is a talented Instagrammer who has an incredible feed full of whimsical experimental content. Every now and then I get in a bit of an content ‘funk’ so I was intrigued to have some ideas of how to get myself out of it. The key points were to: 

Do a photography challenge and experiment 

Trust your own ideas, use tools like Pinterest to spark your creativity

Utilise YouTube tutorials, there is SO much out there and of course it’s free 

Embrace failure, not everything you create is going to be good 

Have fun with it (Which is the key great content)

“Creativity is like a muscle” 

– Miss Katy English
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Barbados is more than beaches

We then heard from Marc of Barbados Tourism Marketing Inc. (BTMI) who gave us an insight into what goes on in marketing the island and the different themes and focuses for each year. This year is the year of wellness and this is something I’m a stickler for – living well, which all starts with self care and booking a holiday. However for now, here are some things you may not know about Barbados (I didn’t know these either): 

Bridgetown is a world heritage UNESCO site meaning  the island’s history had a significant impact on the world

The oldest Jewish synagogue in the Western Hemisphere

The only functioning windmill in the Western Hemisphere

Outside the US, Barbados was the only country US President, George Washington, ever visited

There is more to Barbados than beaches, it is the culinary capital of the Caribbean with a rich history, culture and the friendliest people around. I should know because I’m one of them… 

However, I’m not an expert when it comes to all things Bajan, I want to know more, discover more and experience more. For now let’s take trip down memory lane to my 2014 trip…

Next year is the year of the return for Bajans around the world and I hope I get to go too! You can check out icelolly deals to the Caribbean and far and wide here. 

Now next year, will I be blogging on the beach or at the beach? 

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Char xo

Please note I was invited to the #BlogAtTheBeach event by the icelolly team; all views are my own. 

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  1. Nikki Hall says:

    Great article Char! Sadly I couldn’t attend this weekend so it was helpful finding out the key points to take away and learn from.

  2. CallmeSasha says:

    Really enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing the tips on building a community. I think that something we all need to remember to do as bloggers. Funnily enough I want to go to Manchester in the near future…soo I’ll deffo be in your inbox for some advice 🙂

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