September 21, 2019

Musings: The Pow Audio Mo Speaker – A Review

Please note, the Pow Audio speaker was sent for my review.

In the past I have used Bluetooth speakers which haven’t been great. The sound has always been tinny and the battery life was always pretty poor and it made sense as they didn’t cost more than £20. Sometimes, it’s just a simple means to an end. But these days, as I get older, I appreciate quality so much more. The same way I’d rather fork out a little more for a little more luxury when flying long-haul is the same way I’d spend a little more to invest in better tech. That’s where the Mo Bluetooth speaker from Pow Audio comes in. I was kindly sent this to try over summer and I am hooked!

What exactly is it?

A phone sized portable speaker which is expandable and squashable.

Many speakers I’ve used in the past are awkwardly shaped and don’t fit in your pocket at all. With the Mo Bluetooth speaker, you can comfortably put this in one pocked and your phone in the other. Or even better, the four magnetic clips located on the bottom of the speaker will comfortably clip on to your phone (or any metal surface).   

It’s also important to note that it only weights 200g which means even if you put it in your bag, it won’t weigh it down.

Other techy and useful features:

Why it is perfect for travel…

This all depends how you travel but I’m pretty sure you’ll find a use for it. With a battery life of 8 hours from one charge (amazing, I know), you don’t need to constantly worry about finding a power outlet.

Ditch the headphones

I am the type of traveller who loves culture, cuisine and sampling the finer things in life (on a budget). I find that when I do travel I tend to listen to music whilst I’m getting ready for the day and watch a movie when I’m back from exploring. Trying to fiddle around with a TV in a new location is stressful (or I’m lazy) so I tend to bring my iPad with me pre-loaded with movies. The Mo speaker means I can still get quality sound away from home without the stress of bringing a ton of wires and incompatible equipment.

If you’re the traveller who likes adventure, the metal clip makes it suitable for a road trip as it will easily clip on to the dashboard. You can rock up on a deserted beach and still enjoy some music there too. 

“This is a major milestone in POW Audio’s history,” POW Audio Founder and Chairman Glen Walter said. “We’re eager for consumers to experience our WaveBloom™ technology and the unparalleled sound quality it provides while being pocketable. There are a lot of speakers on the market, but Mo is changing the game — and this is just the beginning for POW Audio.”

But is it loud?

Yes it is! I used this in the park a good few times over summer and it was perfect for blaring tunes amongst a small group.

I really liked using mine at home during those weekends when all I wanted to do was Netflix and chill. The built in speakers on my Mac and iPad aren’t great. The Mo speaker helped amplify the sound and make my viewing experience truly cinematic. It doesn’t even need to be close to the phone, laptop or tablet  as with 100ft range (30 metres), you can place it in another room if need be. 

Other uses:

The Mo Bluetooth speaker makes the perfect gift for the music lover, the traveller or the cinema fan in your life.

– me

The POW Audio Mo retails at approx. £79.00. To learn more, please visit Follow their socials on all channels be searching ‘powaudio’. 

What speaker do you use on your travels?

Please note, the Pow Audio speaker was sent for my review;
all views are my own.  

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  1. sarah says:

    Wow looks super compact and easy to take around! Might have to look into this.

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