September 20, 2019

Musings: 5 Things To Try on Your Travels

Please note, this is a collaborative post with HolidaySwap. 

An extreme sport or activity

There is always a risk of death when it comes to extreme sports so proceed with caution on this one. Bungee jumping, zip-lining, and trekking through the jungle scare the hell out of me but life begins at the end of your comfort zone, right? 

And if you are afraid (like me), start small and work your way up. 

*Books jet-ski lessons*  

Not booking a flight

This one kinda makes me itch as I am a meticulous planner but could you imagine turning up to the airport with no flight booked and simply booking it there and then at the counter? You always see it in the movie where the couple (or person) turns up the airport and books the next flight to god knows where but why not do it yourself? Life is for living right? 

The only problem I could see happening is not having the right items for your destination but you could always buy it in duty free or once you reach your destination! 

Not booking accommodation

Not booking accommodation works out well if you are on a longer trip and want to stay in somewhere a little longer. It also gives you the flexibility to change up you trip and do more of ‘something’. Bali (not that I have been) always feels like the perfect place for this. If you want quieter more relaxing resort or hotel you can head to Ubud which would give you the peace you desire.   

Imagine not booking this???

Not booking any accommodation may also work if you’re one of those ‘wild’ travellers who just enjoys going with the flow. You could be on your new best friend’s sofa in no time or hitch hiking your way to luxury. 


Would you ever swap your home for someone else’s holiday? Chances are you may need a little convincing but if you are like me you don’t mind a little risk in your life. This is where the  Holiday Swap app comes in: 

“Our aim is to bring together and support a community of like-minded travellers and enthusiastic holiday-makers who can benefit from sharing their accommodation.The app is free to download and there are no subscription fees. So, if you want a flexible social media app that will help you discover and visit new places, this is it.”

Best of all, their latest update means that searching for spaces is really easy now. The updated home screen allows you to search for spaces straight away (and view more spaces straight away), easily view your likes and saved spaces, toggle between a feed view and a map view, and quick-search with featured cities.

Essentially it allows you to exchange your home for holidays. So say you’re going away for a week, you can trade places with users from the other side of the world.  Not only is it much cheaper than hotels and resorts, it gives you that home away from home feeling. You can be a host or guest whilst connecting with +200,000 other travellers. That will of course give you insider knowledge and a world of opportunity (literally).  I really like the interactive MyMap feature which shows where you are and places you could go and local tips on your trip. 

I’m heading to Japan in November and finding accommodation is a nightmare so I will definitely be giving Holiday Swap a try.  Best of all, with the new update you can browse homes in featured cities, save cities you’re planning on visiting and quickly search for others. This works if you don’t have a destination or accommodation in mind. You might wanna see the ‘Not booking a flight’ point above. 

Travel is all about building a community and that’s exactly what the Home Swap app is about. When you’re ready to swap it’s easy. Did I mention it only costs $1 per night per person and if you’re worried about safety, you can ask for a deposit with the other swapper. 

How exactly does the swap work you may wonder? You match, chat with a host and begin that beautiful friendship (some say this is a Tinder for travellers). The app also comes with a built in chat translator so you don’t need to worry about speaking the same language as your swapper! 

Download the app and find out more about the Holiday Swap app here. 


I live for content creation. Whilst I may not be a vlogger or YouTuber, I really enjoy watching other’s content. It’s a great way to see a country or destination through someone else’s eyes. 

Give it your best shot.

Documenting a trip can be daunting but it can also be a challenge, perhaps you could set yourself a task of creating 60 second city guides and once you get better you could do longer videos. And even if you don’t hit the publish button you can look back on it one day as a beautiful memento of your trips and holidays.

What do you want to try on your travels? 

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with HolidaySwap; all views are my own.

2 responses to “Musings: 5 Things To Try on Your Travels”

  1. Madi Dearson says:

    I am not a spontaneous person I’m afraid. Luckily I experience it all through my husband who is a “try something adventures” wherever we go kind of guy. So while he is jumping off cliffs I hide my head in a book and read so I won’t have a heart attack fricking out about it. I have to say, I always wondered about booking a flight at the airport. Always just sounds super expansive to me:) as I said spontaneity is not my thing:)

  2. My sister has not booked a flight and just showed up at the airport a few times. As for packing the right thing, you can decide in advance if you want it to be a summer vacation and then pack accordingly and just ask them at the aiport what kind of beach vacations they can offer you.
    Personally, I like the plan things a bit more, but who knows, maybe one day I’ll do it!

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