October 5, 2019

Musings: 5 Things I Can’t Wait To Do in Japan

As I write this post I’m currently in Mykonos relaxing on my balcony watching the world go by. Ridiculous I know, being one trip and thinking about another, but when you’ve been diagnosed with a touch of wanderlust you’ll be thinking about being anywhere else but here. Does that even make sense? 

Anyway, if I hadn’t announced already, I’m heading to Tokyo, Japan in November and I absolutely cannot wait. It’s been at the top of my bucket list forever and there is so much I want to do and see whilst I’m out there. Here are a few… 


Move over Wagamama, Wasabi and any other cheap imitation of one of the greatest cuisines on earth. I am going to be doing a rigorous gym training routine over the next few weeks to make room for all the food I’ll be eating in Japan. From the squid ink burger in McDonalds to the tasty treats in the 7/11s, my mouth is watering as I type this.

These dim sum baskets are native to Hong Kong… but close enough, right?

One thing I really want to do involves a 4am wake up call but from what I’ve researched on YouTube it’s worth it, that being the Toyosu Market. This is the famous fish market you may or may not have heard of. Tuna in Japan is big big bucks and some of the most valuable in the entire world. Whilst I won’t be bringing home a 500lb tuna only because my luggage allowance is 23kg, I will be indulging in some fresh sushi in the surrounding restaurants. 


There are plenty of unique cafes in Japan – owls, reptiles, rabbits, shibas, micro pigs*… the animal rights activist in me in screaming. The only one I will be visiting is a cat cafe, simply because it’s going to be a glimpse in to my feline fuelled future…

Disclaimer: I’m of course not judging you if you do visit any these cafes but something doesn’t sit right with me as a travel blogger and “promoting” them. 


I’m in Japan for approximately 7 days. Do I stay in Tokyo for all of them or do I venture out further? Part of me is like hmmm ~slow travel~ and get under the skin of Tokyo and the other part is telling me to get on a bullet train and visit Kyoto, Osaka and further afield. 

That also brings me nicely on to somewhere I’d want to stay and with four new Tokyu Hotel Group branches opening up, I’ll be spoilt for choice… and it’s enough for another trip. 2020 perhaps? 

They’ll be opening across Osaka, Yokohama, Mishima and Kyoto. I’m particularly interested in staying at the new Osaka hotel, here is a little taster of whats to come: 

“The ‘Osaka Kaleidoscope’ design of the hotel brings together energetic, colourful, and surprising vibes in Osaka. The hotel will feature the six conceptual suite rooms each named after each an area or great figures from Osaka including The Minami Suite and The Rikyu Suite. The hotel has been designed to maximise the space for guests in a shift to the many hotels in Osaka.”

QUOTE FROM Press Release 

Find out more here – www.tokyuhotelsjapan.com 


Visiting the Pokemon cafe is going to make 9 year old Char so happy. 20 years later I still make time for catching these critters with PokemonGO.

The Pokemon cafe is a hotspot in Japan and I’ve put a reminder in my diary to book a month before visiting (essential). Details here. 

One of my fellow travel bloggers, Danielle from Escaping Essex has just completed a 2 week visit to Japan and her Instagram highlights are screenshot worthy and of course informative. Check out her blog here.


The whole reason for my Japan visit is to stock up on sheet masks. I’m tired of paying over the odds for poor quality ones in the UK. I’m seriously considering booking extra luggage to bring more home… 

What you might see more on this blog is sheetmask reviews though, so do watch this space.

Writing this post has given me a little blueprint of things I want to do in Japan this November and in the future. I haven’t been and I know I’ll be going back. For now… 

Read more: 

Have you got any recommendations for Japan? 

Char xo 

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  1. Lulu says:

    Screamingggggg at the Pokemon Cafe. Top of my list, for sure! I need my picture with Pikachu 😭

    Do you plan on going to Disneyland?

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