October 28, 2019

Musings: 7 Reasons To *Not* Stay In A Hostel

This post was inspired by Ade of My Breaking View’s blog post titled ‘6 Fantastic Reasons You Should Stay In Hostel’ where she provides an insight into hostel life and reasons why you *should* go over to that side of travel accommodation. Can I really judge if I’ve never stayed in a hostel? Yes I can. I just can’t do it. Sleeping in a room with strangers? On a bunk bed? Shared bathroom facilities? NO THANK YOU. So here are 7 reasons not to stay in a hostel and opt for a hotel instead. 

There are some contributions from some of my bourgeois travellers – Jenna, Meg and Renée. You can find their blog links below.

1) You might die

Remember the 2005 movie Hostel with Paris Hilton? I think this is the reason I would never stay in one. The hostel was literally to die for. 

At least if you pass in a hotel room the surroundings were nice? Is this too morbid for the first point – maybe, but it is Halloween this week after all. 

2) “There’s no room service, how will you survive without champagne breakfast every morning?!”

– Meg of Meg Fabulous

Waking up in the morning and being hungry is LONG. I don’t know if I could survive without having room service or a mini-bar to hand. Meg’s travel style is a whole MOOD and she truly enjoys life on her travels. 

3) “You have to share a bathroom 🚽🤢 shower & toilet? With strangers…’

 – Renée of Passports and Pages

Shared bathrooms and toilets sounds like something out of uni accommodation or Orange Is The New Black. Yes of course you can get a private room but if there isn’t one available you’ll be stuck sharing hygiene facilities. All I can say is bring flip flops, a shower cap, some holy water or just book a hotel and save yourself the stress and a future appointment to the chemist. 

*And hostels are notorious for bed bugs. Not to say hotels don’t have them you’re more likely to get better service when reporting bed bugs in a hotel…

Renee also has a dedicated Twitter account to reviewing hotels. Check it out here. 

Hostel life.

4) Who wants to be social?

The idea of socialising or being around strangers after a day’s exploring is hell on earth to me. I am an introvert more and more these days. Forced small talk and being ‘nice’ grinds my gears. You’ll find more about why I want to live a life of silence in my Hustle Hotline episode titled ‘Micro-aggressions and where to find them’. 

Booking a hotel room is the price I pay for peace. 

– Me.


I’m out. BYE.

6) “Because I can switch up my style and rotate my wigs because people will be wondering why I was blond last night and now I’m a red head. Like how am I suppose to channel my inner diva and let her roam free in peace with room mates.😭

Two Doras In A Pod podcast

Somedays Beyonce blonde, other days Rihanna red.

Aretha Franklin Wig GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY
What it’s like getting ready in a hostel…

7) “I’m a baby girl who didn’t come into this life to suffer so why would I book a hostel? Save yourself the drama and just book a 5 star hotel.”

– Jenna of Jenna’s World View

Don’t suffer. Book the hotel; I’ve rounded up 6 of my favourite hotels here.

Do you prefer hostels or hotels? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me over at @char_x0

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11 responses to “Musings: 7 Reasons To *Not* Stay In A Hostel”

  1. LOOOOOOL this post cracks me up! Thanks for the small mention hunnie x

  2. Ricardo Da Costa says:

    I’m rattled 😂.

  3. This post is absolutely elite. Love the humour! Hotels all the way 💪🏾💪🏾😂😂

  4. “You might die” 😂
    Love your humourous take on this. I’ve always wondered what it would be like. Now I gotta read the for argument 😉

  5. Elle Mac says:

    This post is absolutely hilarious!
    It was one of my new years resolutions to stay in a hostel and I did it whilst in Amsterdam a couple of months ago. Was it as bad as I thought? No. Will I be rushing to another one? Also no. I totally get you on the winding down thing. I can generally be quite extroverted, but once I want my own downtime, I need peace, food and Netflix. Not 6 other people bustling around me.

    Elle x

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  7. icelolly.com team says:

    Haha we love this.. HOWEVER, we stayed in a lovely hostel in Paris previously – private room and bathroom though, obvs. Generator Hostels have some really funky places.

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