October 31, 2019

Musings: 4 Airport Outfit Ideas

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Just Your Outfit.

I once wrote a blog post titled ‘My Take On Airport Style‘ and now I’m back with four airport outfit ideas to see you through your next plane journey. Picking the right outfit is crucial as you’re going to want to be comfortable whilst travelling. The whole airport process is stressful as most of us opt for cheap flights with cheap airlines meaning cheap airports (yes I said it) and that means you’re going to want to budget on certain parts of your trip too. Does you have to be too? That’s dependent on you.  Here are a couple of outfits you might find me in on my next trips…

All Black Everything

I love wearing all black to the airport. It’s sleek, hides a multitude of sins and if you pour coffee or red wine all over you no one will ever know. I love mixing textures and print to give the outfit a little bit of an edge. Add over-sized sunglasses to hide any hangovers, jet-lag or a make up free face.

Would you rock black lipstick too?

Business Smart

Some say dressing like you’re ready for business means you’re more likely to get upgraded. I have never tested this theory but there must be some truth to it? However if I’m flying on RyanAir or Easyjet there is no such thing as business or first class so back to the end of the queue I go. You have to match this outfit to the airline. If you’ve ever been upgraded whilst dressed smartly please let me know!

Layers are key, planes are notoriously cold but they can also be hot!

Pyjama Chic

Have you changed into pyjamas on a flight before? I have. Now I don’t mean full dressing gown and slippers but more ‘clothes that look socially acceptable’ but feel like pyjamas. Think tracksuit bottoms, sweats, loose fitting cotton and anything that doesn’t ‘bug’ you. Nothing is more uncomfortable than tight fitting jeans in a pressurised cabin. I love wearing  jogging bottoms for men as not only do they fit better (much looser), they’re often much cheaper! Best of all, if it’s cold you can layer leggings or thermals underneath them. 

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Slip on shoes, so you can take them on and off during the flight, don’t forget your socks though.

Ready For The Club

Now I don’t know about you but when I get off a plane I want to head straight to my hotel, take a shower, nap and then explore. However, if your short on time, on a party trip and want to make the most of your time there… you may want to get ready for the club on your flight.

I think this only really works for short-haul flights of 1-2 hours as anything longer without showering is disgusting in my opinion.

“Airport style is whatever you want it to be. Some of us want to be chic, some of us want to be comfy, you can find a happy medium or thrive in being frumpy.”

What do you wear to the airport?

Char xo 

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Just Your Outfit; all views are my own.  

4 responses to “Musings: 4 Airport Outfit Ideas”

  1. Megan says:

    Love this, comfy clothes are my go to for air travel. I can’t sit for hours in jeans!

  2. Elle Mac says:

    All black no make up has always been my go to look! It’s so comfy and easy. But recently I’ve been thinking “What if my husband is at this airport?” or “What if Drake has decided to get on this RyanAir flight to Italy?” So you may see me in the ‘ready for the club’ look at the airport from now on…

  3. Kelly says:

    All black is definitely the way to go, especially if that includes stretch pants!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I went for the pyjama option on my long haul flight to Singapore – so glad I did! I usually go for leggings – i can’t cope being uncomfortable on a flight!

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