November 25, 2019

Memoirs: Aeroflot London to Tokyo (via Moscow) Cheap Flight Review

Have I run out of content ideas or is reviewing flights a new series idea?  Anyway, I just got back from Tokyo, the jet lag is keeping me up and I can’t stop thinking about what an incredible trip it was. Tokyo had been at the top of my list forever but the flight prices never aligned with my spirit. With British Airways or Japan Airlines flights direct from London they were always around £750 and up. This is what always put me off visiting. That was until I got the Jack’s Flight Club email back in June with flights to Tokyo from £280 and upwards I had to book them. Thankfully I had already booked off over a week in November to do a long-haul trip and well the planets aligned and Tokyo it was.

A scam?

Now you’re probably thinking  flights to Japan from £280 and up, that must be a scam? You probably have to fly the plane? Well having now returned home safely, it is not a scam in the slightest however I am a strong believer in the ‘get what you pay for movement’. These cheap deals are with Russian airline – Aeroflot

I paid approx £340 for my flights to Tokyo and the only drawback was it being a 2 hour stopover in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. If you see this stopover as breaking up the journey and a chance to stretch your legs, you’ll be fine. 

What exactly does the cost include?

This applies to economy only:


London to Moscow 

My flight was pretty empty (I travelled on Friday 15th November) and I was glad I had a seat next to me to stretch out.  Whilst there was no in-flight entertainment you can use your smartphone to access it. Make sure you download the Aeroflot app before you take off to take advantage of this. Or if you’re a Netflix enthusiast ensure you’ve downloaded all your shows beforehand. 

Lunch is served on this flight too if you’re wondering what the food was like I will touch on that below. 

After a couple of hours you’ll arrive in Moscow Sheremetyevo airport which I can only describe as chaos. You’ll be put on a bus to the terminal, go up a set of escalators and then you’ll hear someone shouting ’NARITA’. That person *should* point in you in the right direction but basically you’ll need to get your passport checked again an go through the worst airport security in existence. There are not enough staff to handle the amount of passengers but if I take a diplomatic approach… it kills some time before the next flight? 

I would also advise you to take this time to eat something substantial – Burger King is safe option and it’s cheaper the UK! 

Russia to Tokyo 

Getting on the Tokyo flight is again chaos but once you’re on it i’s absolutely fine. The plane was clean, modern and comes with a little pack which includes slippers and an eye mask. As the flight was at 19.50pm consider using this as an opportunity to sleep as you’ll be landing in Tokyo at approx 12pm. 


Tokyo to Moscow 

I flew back on Saturday 23rd November on the 1.20pm flight and it was pretty packed as it was the weekend. This flight was fine and felt much quicker than the outbound journey. The only issue I had was at the airport when the proceeded to weigh my hand luggage (it was overweight at 11.6kg) so I had to do some re-jigging and move stuff into my ‘personal item’ bag. If you pack light you should be fine but if you’re bringing back sheet masks and snacks etc, make sure you weigh your suitcase to avoid the embarrassment. 

Moscow to London 

Again, Moscow Sheremetyevo airport is absolute chaos. I think I spent 45 mins in the queue to go through security before having to dash to my gate for boarding. I should also add that they changed the gate last minute which added to the chaos. But the flight was absolutely fine and again they serve dinner on this too if you get hungry. 

The legroom is not that bad and I’m 5 ft 7!

The Entertainment 

The in-flight entertainment as far as I’m aware is only on the Moscow to Tokyo leg of the journey. Nothing beats Virgin Atlantic when it comes to in-flight movies but I was impressed with what Aeroflot had to offer. I watched movies such as: Spectre, Detective Pikachu and The Hustle all whilst dipping in and out of sleep. I’ve been on some flights *cough cough United to NYC* where there were only 5-6 movies to choose from.  

The Food… 

Okay so overall, I would fly Aeroflot again and I was surprised they serve food given how cheap the flight was. Some airlines will charge you £££££ extra for food on the flight and the quality is sub-par. Aeroflot won’t charge you anything extra and it’s sub-par. So bring snacks, lots of them, make sure you eat before your flight and during the quick Moscow stopover too. 

I am funny about eating seafood on a plane simply because I don’t know how fresh it is and seafood is one of those things I don’t like to mess with. 
What in the…
I took one bite of the chicken and I could hear my ancestors screaming for taste.

Overall, if you take these two quotes into consideration, you won’t mind flying Aerflot: 

“It’s not about the journey, it’s the destination“

– Me

“If your expectations are low, you’ll be surprised” 

– ME

I fly RyanAir a lot and if you see the journey as a means to an end you’ll be absolutely fine. Would you rather save £400 by going indirect or pay more, go indirect and have a seemingly better flight? 

And no I’m not getting paid for this blog post! I wish I was. Aeroflot marketing team if you’re reading this, please get in touch…  

Char xo 

10 responses to “Memoirs: Aeroflot London to Tokyo (via Moscow) Cheap Flight Review”

  1. I believe you got paid to write this post lol. Great post Char the food looks intresting.

  2. Bugo says:

    Ah not bad at all. I was expecting horror stories lol! Excited for the rest of your Tokyo content x

  3. Ricardo Da Costa says:

    I liked this blog post! Something you should do more often

  4. Lucy says:

    That food though! *voms* Stopping at Burger King sounds like excellent advice!

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Your post caught my attention because I hate Aeroflot and wanted to see what your experience was like. I lived in Russia for a year and had to take the airline quite a bit. The actual flights were fine, but the customer service is horrendous. It seems like things went pretty something for you and other than some normal chaos at the airport you didn’t have to deal with it too much. “There are not enough staff to handle the amount of passengers”…..that line brought back so many memories!

  6. Sy says:

    Flights from £750 down to £340 C’monnnn major bargain. As soon as I saw that sushi my jaw dropped. My belly is sensitive on the ground so no play play in the air hahaaa

  7. […] the flight. Tokyo was somewhere that was always going to be too expensive for me but I found flights for £340ish and […]

  8. Kirsty says:

    Thank you for writing this review! I did the same thing and booked this exact Aeroflot flight to Tokyo next month. I’m super excited for Japan but I wasn’t sure what to expect with Aeroflot, especially with the transfer at Moscow. One fear I have is missing the connecting flight because of delays/getting stuck in security. I’m glad to see you got there and back safely!

    Did you have any issues with checked in luggage? And does Aeroflot transfer your luggage from the first flight to the second flight at Moscow? Or did you have to collect it?

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