November 29, 2019

Memoirs: 2020 – My Year Of New

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Capri by Fraser. 

We are nearing the end of 2019 and it’s only right that we start the annual cycle of reflection. December is a month of celebration and January always seems to be the month of stripping back whether it be giving up something or starting something new. As much as I hate the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ motto it does hold some weight. This is why I’m applying it to the one thing that brings me joy: travel.

I am turning 21 (again) next year and I’ve been to I don’t know how many places throughout my life but what I have noticed is that a fair few of them have been repeat destinations. Whilst that isn’t a bad thing (if you love somewhere keep going), I want to live a year dedicated to places NEW. It doesn’t mean I have to visit new countries but perhaps the second, third or fourth cities in places I have been before. Do I really need a visit to Amsterdam or Dubai? No.

Where to, Char?

I have ticked the place that was at the top of my bucket list off, that being Tokyo and I would go back in a heartbeat but new horizons are waiting for me…

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January Blues

January is usually my month of ‘implement this’ and the rest of your year will follow suit. Does this usually fail? Of course but one can only hope. What I do find in January is that I suffer from the January blues majorly so it’s important for me to have some travel booked in! Where to go though?

I haven’t been to Barcelona since 2010 and I guess it may not be ‘new’ but I will be going in a new decade with a new perspective, right? Barcelona may not be the warmest in January but who cares when you have blue skies, the crashing ocean waves and fresh seafood? I would consider staying at the centrally located Capri by Fraser Barcelona. Best of all it’s in a fashionable district, only 15 minutes from the beach and can spend my trip in style.

Springing in to Scandinavia

I actually have this trip booked over the Easter Bank holiday weekend where I get two days off for free. Instead of spending my trip in one country I will be visiting two: Oslo and Gothenburg. Now these destinations aren’t cheap but they can be if you plan ahead. Getting from Gothenburg to Oslo is £20 approx by bus and I can cut down on costs by doing all things free like walking tours. Or I could use my blogger prowess and get in touch with some Scandi brands? Watch this space.

Germany we meet again…

I’m not going to lie my first visit to Germany didn’t go so well. Hamburg and I didn’t get on but since then I have been to Berlin and my faith has been restored that this country is not the wurst (pun intended). Having been to a few travel events over the past year I have learnt that there is much more to Germany than the major cities – there is the beautiful countryside and of course the beautiful Black Forest.

I however have my eye on the financial hub that is Frankfurt again staying at the Capri. I am strong believer in picking accommodation that suits you and your travel style. I fall into the luxury on a budget category which may be an oxymoron but if you look hard enough you won’t have to part with all your savings.

A couple of other places I have my eye on:
– Vienna with a day trip to Britaslavia (Strudel galore)
– Seoul, South Korea (Sheetmask heaven, hello)
– Singapore (Foodie hub)

Where are you planning to go in 2020?

Char xo

Please note, this is a collaborative post with Capri by Fraser; all views are my own.  

3 responses to “Memoirs: 2020 – My Year Of New”

  1. Teresa says:

    Enjoy your trip to Scandinavia! There should still be loads of snow at Easter. I can warmly recommend Bratislava and Vienna, having lived in Bratislava for couple years myself. Add Budapest to that if you have time 😉 They’re all close to each other.

    Teresa Maria | Outlandish Blog

  2. Bugo says:

    It’s been about 4 years since I last went to Barcelona and like you, I’m thinking of going again in 2020. Hello new perspective! I will definitely consider Capri by Fraser as it does look so central and cosy!

  3. Sy says:

    I’m planning on going on a cruise. Seoul sounds dreamy though. Sheetmask heaven forreallll

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