December 15, 2019

Memoirs: Storytelling, Travel and Sleepwear

Please note, I was invited to cover the We Drifters event and kindly gifted with a set of pyjamas.

There is so much more to travel than pretty pictures, landmark-ticking and country counting. Sure it’s great if you want to do these things but it’s important to remember your “why” when it comes to travel. What exactly does it mean to you? 

“Stories are important for wisdom”

I was recently invited to the #WeDriftersStories event where special guests shared their journeys to living life on their own terms, with a huge focus on how travel and wellbeing have played a part.

“Present in every moment”

Naudia, founder of We Drifters, travelled to South East Asia with the premise of it “not being an extended holiday” (her exact words) but to get headspace and clarity. Exactly what travel should be. It enabled her to “present in every moment” as the modern life restricted her. I am sure we can all agree here. It’s so easy to get caught up in the ‘rat race’, ‘chasing the bag’ and living day after day on autopilot. I know I do on occasion (okay an awful lot).  


“Being in beautiful places it’s really easy to get inspired.”

Naudia Salmon

Travel takes you to new environments, gives you to room to meet new people and of course it opens you to a world of inspiration. Naudia reconnected with herself whilst travelling and dealt with a bad reaction to insects along the way. This gave her the idea to create something comfortable to keep the bugs away. You have to go on these journeys to get to where you need to be. 

Made of bamboo fabric and technology to keep away insects, the We Drifters anti-insect unisex sleepwear is premium luxury at its finest. Whether you’re returning home this Christmas, staying in hostels throughout 2019 or staying in wilderness, it’s an investment. 

Find out more about We Drifters here:


Instagram: @wedrifters


Twitter: @we_drifters

Char xo 

Please note, I was invited to cover the We Drifters event and kindly gifted with a set of pyjamas. All views are my own. 

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