January 14, 2020

Memoirs: Musings from Mykonos – A Mental Health Solo Trip

So if you were wondering what I did in Mykonos on my solo trip in October 2019, it was mainly drink wine, relax, stare in to the ocean and write. Some may say this is a waste of a trip but it all depends about the intention of your trip and what you are travelling for. Some trips I wanna experience the culture and others I wanna zen out the f*ck out and just be. Sometimes you might not know what type of trip you’ve had until its’s over. 


Instagram has a tendency to romanticise travel  but it’s all to do with perception, reality and our individual experiences. The end. But Mykonos should be on your radar for a solo trip in 2020 as you can change the narrative of your trip. Go solo. Go off peak and change the party destination into a place of peace. 

However, even thought this was what I would call a ‘mental health trip’ I did manage to get up to a few things… 

Little Venice 

There was a point where I got so lost and if I’m honest, I didn’t care. It was so relaxing to meander through the narrow streets of Little Venice and explore. As a solo traveller, being able to explore at my own pace meant I could do exactly as I please without having to consider someone else’s feelings. This probably sounds a little selfish but this break was all about my mental health.

Little Venice.

Even in off-peak October, this area of Mykonos was overflowing with people so you’ll never feel truly alone… unless you want to. Best of all, there are no cars allowed, the restaurants have some of the best views and it looks exactly like a postcard. 

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The “Authentic” Island Tour

As much I did want to stay in a beautiful place for a few days and do absolutely nothing I couldn’t leave without getting a little taste of the island. So of course I booked myself on a little island tour. Get Your Guide is a great way to book excursions as you cancel up to 24 hours beforehand if your plans change. 

I booked the Discover Authentic Mykonos Tour which you can find details of here. It’s a great tour which takes you around to the lesser explore parts of the island. If you’re travelling solo, it’s a great way to meet people and get to grips with local Mykonian culture. 

A lifestyle.

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My favourite thing about visiting Myknonos off-peak was having the space and time to breathe. I will always say this – London is stressful. The pressures of modern life are stressful. Solo travel for me is a form of self care and expensive one at that. But as I would like to say as I seem to mention in every blog post… 

“This is the price of peace.”

– Me

Would you or have you taken a mental health trip? 

Char xo 

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