January 23, 2020

Musings: The 7 Types of Friends You Shouldn’t Travel With

Sometimes you only discover what someone is like when travel with them and that is part of the ‘I want to travel’ curriculum. We all travel differently and part of life is getting to grips with that.

Some of us like to take it slow and relax and others will have you walk 40,000 steps in a day. It’s all about compromise (I guess). In mine and Jenna’s lifetimes we’ve done several group trips and whilst I prefer solo trips these days, I do need a group trip every now and then. Jenna on the other hand loves a group trip… For some reason she went to Thailand last November with 271 other people and I did the exact opposite – all alone in Japan.

Could we travel together? I’m not sure but for now we’re giving you the lowdown on the 7 types of friends you shouldn’t travel with.

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1) The One Who Just Wants To Eat At The Hotel

All Inclusive Ade

This one can be found rehearsing the buffet times and making friends with the chef and bar staff.

Jenna: Avoid this kind of travel buddy at all costs. If not you’ll be spend your entire time at the hotel and you’ll never see what a country’s cuisine has to offer. It’s ok to step out of the hotel even if its all inclusive.

Char: If it’s an all-inclusive trip best believe I’m getting my money’s worth and inhaling every single meal, cocktail and activity at the hotel. Paddleboarding? Sure. Turkey dinosaurs for the 5th day in a row? Yes please.

However, the best way to connect with a culture is through food… authentically. Can you really experience a culture if you’re doing is eating food from the hotel? I don’t think so. Go out and sample the street food, attend a cooking class or visit the local market at least once on your trip.

2) The One Who Complains About Spending Money

Stingy Sally

You probably wonder how you got this is one to come on holiday with you in the first place. They’re probably the one who complained about the price of the trip, aired you when you sent the deposit reminders and complained yet again when you mentioned how much activities things would cost on the trip.

Char: So you paid for the hotel to come and sit still? Why not just stay at home then. I’m all for doing things on a ~budget~ but in order to do things one has to part with some coins at some point.

Jenna: One thing I cant stand is a penny watching party pooper. Like please explain to me why they decided to book a holiday if all they were going to do was complain. These type of travellers will most certainly ruin your holiday.. RUN!

3) The Narrow Minded Friend

Narrow Minded Naomi

This is the friend who judges everything – from your actions, to your outfits to strangers. You can frequently hear them saying ‘Why are they doing that?’, ‘In my opinion’ and so on.

Char: The phrase ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ exists for a reason. When I’m in a new city no one knows me or my past so if you came here to be Judge Judy… BYE.

Jenna: Whew chile you can’t even twerk in peace without feeling their side eye and judgements. Avoid going anywhere with this friend because they will make you feel like shit for got just being yourself and that’s just whack. Say bye to judgmental friends!

4) The One Who Wants To Do All The Things You Can Do in Your Hometown or City

City Boy Charlie

City Boy Charlie comes on holiday and goes to the same chains he recognises back home. Kinda like the narrow minded friend, this friend stays in their comfort zone and is apprehensive about branching out.

Jenna: City boy Charlie should stay home in his city and eat at every Chicken Cottage in sight because why would I fly to another country and do what I can do in my own hometown. Issa no from me.

Char: Not gonna lie, I LOVE trying different McDonald’s around the world to see what the McDifferences are between there and London BUT it’s not all the time do the same things you do back home. Who wants an unseasoned existence?

5) The One Who Takes Pictures ALL THE TIME

Picture Taking Patricia

Yes we all want our photos for the ‘gram but is it every minute record, click click snap and photoshoot? You can find this friend holding you up because they need their very own photoshoot before they go out. They are also the ones who get thrown out of museums, galleries and art galleries because they chose to ignore the no photos sign.

Jenna: As much as I love my pictures there is a time or place. I have a low tolerance and will refuse to take pics if a person can’t get that money shot in three takes WELP.

Char: Sunsets NEVER look as good as they do in real life. And if you haven’t got your photo in the first 5-10 shots maybe the problem is you. sips tea

6) The Scaredy Cat

Inexperienced Ian

This is the one who hasn’t travelled much so is scared of everything and anything.

Char: You can pair this friend up with the experienced traveller or the laidback one in the group. But this one would be a little bit of a nightmare to travel with, it’d almost feel like you were babysitting. I’ve been on a trip with an inexperienced traveller and honestly their excitement was cute for the first 5 minutes but after that …not so much.

Jenna: If you go on holiday with this kind of person be prepared to be a carer.

*Also a special mention to the liability friend who cant control themselves when it comes to alcohol/other narcotics. GOODBYE.

7) The Borrower

‘Can I Borrow This?’ Bolu

This is the one who always borrows everything and doesn’t bring their own stuff. You wonder if they even brought a toothbrush?

Char: Yeah. Don’t come on holiday with me please. I’m happy to share within reason but if you know you’re going somewhere please pack accordingly.

Jenna: Do I look like the Salvation Army? Get the hell out of here!

A lasting thought:

Have we reached an age where individuals can change their behaviour? Or are people simply stuck in their ways? What kind of friends do you detest travelling with?

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Char xo x Jenna’s World View

Disclaimer: If you’re offended by any of the stereotypes in this blog post… good. If the shoe fits, wear it.

All images are royalty free via Canva. 

7 responses to “Musings: The 7 Types of Friends You Shouldn’t Travel With”

  1. Debbie says:

    This is jokes! And the disclaimer at the end 😂

  2. If I scream! This post is hilariously accurate. I quite like experiencing the “McDifferences” in different countries too, but that being said, McDs is not the culinary be-all and end-all of life – especially when travelling.

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  4. Nyasha says:

    Love the post, the money and picture one are people I cannot deal with. I wouldn’t know what to do if I met a city boy Charlie 😂

  5. The 40,000 steps in one day is me to a T!!!

  6. The 40,000 steps in one day is me to a T!!!
    I cannot stand going away and just sitting in the hotel room. Might as well ‘top in my yard lol

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