January 27, 2020

Guest Post: The Backpacker’s Guide To Skincare

Please note, this is a collaborative guest post by The English Shaving Company.  

Many of us dream to travel. The thought of whisking yourself way for a week or two far away from reality is enough to make anyone want to save up their hard earned cash. If you’re a keen backpacker, you’ll know all about making the most of what you take with you on your trips, and packing light is something you’ll need to perfect. Hefty bottles of lotion and skin care products won’t help matters, and you’ll really need to pick wisely to keep both your skin happy and your shoulders free from all the weight. 

No matter your gender or however glam or natural your day to day look is, there is no reason why you can’t look the part wherever you go. To ensure you’re never stuck without the essentials, but to also refrain from taking along the things you could really live without, here’s a quick and helpful list to make packing for your trip less of a hassle. 

Travel bottles

Skincare can come in bottles of all sizes, and the last thing you need is to try and stuff a brand new XL bottle of moisturiser into your backpack. The best thing to do to save that essential space and to also ensure you have a little bit of everything you need, is to invest in some reusable travel bottles. 

These are much smaller than your regular sized bottles, and enable you to pour in the right amount of lotion you need for your trip without needing to take the whole bottle. Genius! Better still, these small bottles can easily fit in a wash bag and help to save a ton of space in your backpack.

Daily moisturiser

Most of us can’t live without a daily moisturiser. For hotter climates, a light moisturiser is perfect, but of course, this depends on your skin type. A moisturiser definitely deserves a place in that backpack; it helps to hydrate your skin each day and a little goes a long way. Pump some moisturiser into one of your reusable travel bottles to ensure you have enough for your trip.

Micellar water.

Backpacking isn’t the most glamourous of times, but if you plan on stopping off somewhere and letting your hair down, you might want to pack a little makeup. If you do, micellar water is the perfect option for removing any makeup and to cleanse your skin before you sleep. Pour a little into a travel bottle and ensure you have some cotton pads with you – thankfully, they’re as light as a feather!

Facial sun cream

Protecting your skin from the harsh effects of the sun should be your main priority when backpacking. Sun cream for the whole of your body is important, but facial sun cream should be part of your  daily skin care routine whilst out on the road. Use SPF 50+ for complete protection and don’t forget to reapply regularly for protection all day long.

Cleansing wipes

Cleansing wipes are the quick option when you don’t have the time or the everyday facilities to wash or cleanse your face. They’re also great for cooling you down whenever you need it! Choose wipes that are gentle on the skin and that come in a travel pack to ensure you make the most out of your space. 

What are your backpacking essentials?

Everyone’s needs are different, but whatever your skincare routine, there is always a way to take whatever you need on your trip. What are your ultimate skincare essentials that you couldn’t live without? If you’ve been backpacking before, how did you find keeping up with a skincare routine? Let us know your experiences in the comments below!

Please note, this is a collaborative guest post by The English Shaving Company.  

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