March 29, 2020

Musings: Quarantine Confessions

I haven’t posted in a couple of weeks because something hasn’t felt right. The world is sick and so are some of us humans. Without mentioning the c-word, we’re going through a global pandemic. None of us saw this coming and to repeat the constant phrase that is dominating the news – “we’re living in unprecedented times”. 

On a personal level, I’ve been going through waves of ‘anxiety’, to ‘my homebody self has been preparing for this forever’ to ‘WHEN WILL THIS END’. As someone who loves creating and sharing content, particularly travel, that *thing* has disrupted four of my trips and I’m allowed to be sad about. However, I’ve always said travel is a privilege and if I need to stay at home for a few months to stop the spread, save lives and help someone remotely or donate, that’s fine. 

At the moment, social media is filled with photos of empty supermarket shelves, sourdough bread recipes and out of sync Tik Toks. We’ve been told to stay home, only go out if it is essential (food, medicine etc) and work from home (if we can). Shops have closed, many people have unfortunately been made redundant without notice and governments across the globe have been announcing measures to protect their respective economies. 

I keep seeing thought pieces about what should have been done and what could have been done to protect us from the spread of this disease. But, it is what it is. For now, we have to stay home, we have to adapt and one day this will all be over.

Our way of life is going to change forever and we’re only in the midst of it.

– Me

Whatever you’re feeling, thinking or doing as a coping mechanism is valid. I’ve been opening the fridge for exercise and cleaning to keep my mind off things. All I know that when this is over (which is it will be), the way I think and approach the world will change. Call it a reawakening of gratitude, a rebirth of life or the shake up I needed to get back on track. 

How are you feeling about this all? 

Char xo 

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