March 28, 2016

Musings: #BLFW – Event Roundup

Seeing as I’m having somewhat of a solitary 2016, I knew I needed to start getting out there again and what better way than going to a blogger event. I’d been signed up to The Blogger’s Hangout mailing list for a while and when I saw the invite for Bloggers London Fashion Week I knew I wanted to attend so I RSVP’d straightaway. 


Heading down after work on a Monday evening, the venue was in the very fashionable Hoxton area, a short walk from the station, at Provision Studios. Before entering the venue, I’d wondered if my tea-stained work shirt would be appropriate for the event, so I quickly pulled out my patterned scarf to add a bit of drama to my bland outfit. Not quite so Blogger Chic, but more Char in a hurry look somewhat decent chic

Upon entering the venue, it was clear to see how many wonderful brands there were and I was eager to find out a little more about some of them. Here is my rundown of some of the brands I spoke to…

Hair Tools

I was actually fortunate to have my hair styled like I’ve never had it before… LOOK:


If I was ever picked to compete in The Hunger Games, this would be my go-to hairstyle. I always scroll through Instagram and am in awe of all the hairspiration I see but never quite able to do it on myself! What is most amazing is that it was styled in around 10 minutes, seriously, this is the year I need to learn to do my hair. I was also shown a vibrating set of hair straighteners which might almost make me scrap the GHDs in favour of them!




I sampled some of Weleda’s Skin Food at the event and was so impressed with the texture. As someone who suffers with dry skin, the texture of the hand lotion was the perfect meal (excuse the pun) for my hands. It is understandable as to why they’ve been around for 90 years! This is something I will be reaching for throughout the day; if you live in London you’ll know how hard our water is.

Lab 2 Beauty



I was kindly gifted with some brushes from Lab 2 Beauty and all I can say is the quality is amazing. From the handle to the actual brush, the blusher brush is now going to be my go-to. Best of all they’re cruelty free and the bristles are black, so you can see exactly how much product is on the brush. The sponge applicator is also fantastic for getting into the under-eye area (somewhere I require lots of concealer) and works great wet or dry. I figured that if I spray my Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray onto the sponge, the product lasts much longer and doesn’t crease.

Berry White 



These tasted SO good and are even enough to tempt me away from my mid-afternoon caffeine habit. Does anyway always require a 3pm pick-me-up or is it just me?

The Curl Company



Despite my straight looking locks photographed above, I am blessed with the devil’s curly hair. I spend hours using straighteners, which I know is damaging but I just can’t embrace my curls unless I’m on a beach holiday. Weird? I know – I’ve always been like this, preferring the poker-straight. But for those times where I need a break from straighteners and I happen to be on a beach, I’m sure The Curl Company will come in handy! I really like the idea of the Styling Creme Gel, something I’ve never seen before for curly hair. I’m hoping it works with my curl type/texture and doesn’t leave me looking like Monica in Friends (The Barbados episodes).

Type the Hype

Type the Hype were also there providing an insight into what they do – essentially connecting brands and bloggers. Since then I have signed up to their website and can’t wait to see if there are any opportunities in future to connect with brands that suit my blog. They also had these handy blog planners which will be great to get me organised!


Stvdio 5




If you’re after affordable vegan soap, Stvdio 5 is for you. Their products are made from all natural ingredients and smell absolutely amazing; maybe this will tempt bloggers away from the ever popular Lush bath bombs?

Thumbs Up Nails 




After ruining my nails with acrylics like I do before every holiday, my nails are absolutely ruined as per. It’s like a cycle of abuse with me. ThumbsUp Nails get a huge thumbs up from me as the sample I tried on my wedding finger (HA HA HA the irony) lasted all week! Perhaps nailwrapping is the way forward – no chips and no mess!

We were also treated to a fashion show which you can see looks from: Da Silva London, Jones and Jones Fashion, Sarvin and XSazia. All very different clothing brands for very different occassions. I can wearing some of Da Silva London’s pieces for doing what I do best… chilling, or summoning the energy to hit the gym. 





Overall, it was a really good evening, I just wish I’d spoken to bloggers more, but sometimes in small venues it is quite hard to infiltrate any groups!

Char xo  

Please note – All images in this post have been taken by me on my iPhone 6. 

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