August 21, 2016

Musings: Take Care, Some Self Care Tips to Get You Through

This post isn’t about Drake and Rihanna’s 2012 collab (which I still rinse to this day) but more about some self-care tips which may just help you…


Bubble that bath…
Bubbles, bath salts, dim lights, candles, the lot, if you’re feeling extra fancy, why not crack open a bottle of wine and sit back and relax until you resemble a shrivelled prune. Nothing feels better than those life-changing euphoric shower and bath moments.

Dollar green nails for America.


Nail it…
A wise poet by the name of Missy Elliot once said:

If you a fly gal get your nails done

Get a pedicure, get your hair did

I always instantly feel put together when my nails are painted. This is an inexpensive way for me to feel better about beginning my week in the right state of mind with pop of colour on my claws. I try to team this with a face-mask, as the nail drying time is the same as the amount of time I need to keep my face-mask on (multi-tasking at it’s best). I always find that I deviate to nudes (e.g OPI’s Tickle My France-y), but lately I’ve been challenging myself to try brighter and bolder colours and against my skintone.


I don’t personally fake tan (NC45 over hurrrrr) and I don’t have a problem with those who do. When asking my BFF what makes her feel good and put together she instantly responded with a tan. Albeit natural, spray or from a bottle – a healthy summer glow never hurt anyone (just remember to be safe and use SPF!).

Massage me sometime…
Massages are something I don’t indulge in often but when I do I feel like I have no cares in the world. Living and working in London can sometimes make you feel like a stressed out soulless zombie caught in a spin cycle of pollution and signal failures. But  euphoria is comparable to one of the most carnal feelings a human can experience and as I write this I’m gonna hit up Groupon and book one.

Eye Browse
My eyebrows directly correlate to how I’m doing in life… The third week of the month I’m a hairy hot mess (You don’t wanna see me this week). Whether you wax, tweeze or pluck; just remember to find someone you trust to do them or master the art of eyebrows on fleek yourself.

Walk walk walk
Thank f*ck for PokemonGo. I now have a real reason to go outside other than for work or the pub (I still can’t find a beloved Rapidash though). But in all seriousness, walking is great for stress relief, it can really put your mind at ease. If you keep your eyes on where you’re going and get off your phone once in a while you might just find a hidden gem.

beyonce all night gif

Personal (S)admin
You know… returning that ASOS parcel, cleaning (tidy room tidy mind), sorting your finances, enquiring about those adult drum lessons… All I know is that whenever I’ve done that piece of personal admin, I feel like a weight has been lifted, even if it only for a day or so until the next piece arrives.

You don’t always have to go on a mad night out, doing stuff during the day is just as satisfying e.g boozy brunches, champagne breakfasts. Doing things at the wrong time can sometimes feel SO right. Plus you skip the hangover…

Char xo

Please note – These images do note belong to me – they have been sourced from We Heart It and Unsplash for reference purposes only. 

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  1. That tub! Those nails! 😍

  2. Ari' says:

    Love this, it’s so easy while at uni to just forget about self care and keep going until you burn out. definitely something to work on and practice this new semester

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  4. livilovessite says:

    Loving the metallic nails X

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