September 17, 2016

Memoirs: My Vita Mojo – Event Roundup

I was invited to the Vita Mojo launch in Spitalfields last Friday and from knowing relatively nothing about the brand, I left feeling inspired and invigorated. If you know me by now from reading this blog – one of my biggest loves is FOOD but as ever I am always on the quest to make healthier life choices.

I’d mentioned in my Borough Box post that there really does seem to be a massive wave of consciousness around the whole healthy eating spectrum that is becoming more and more prominent lately. There seems to be a new fad diet every single week… raw this, tea that, superfood this, lose weight now…
It has become overwhelming, tiring and simply boring. Food is food, but most of all:
Food is fuel.
Yes – we should be conscious of what we’re consuming and this is we’re Vita Mojo comes in.
Nick Popovoci told us how his Vita Mojo vision came to form when he realised his nutrition was the one thing he could change for a better life. He decided to leave his high-flying city job and venture into the unknown world of food to get people to eat better. A risky, but inspiring move to make, there are now two Vita Mojo stores and I cannot wait to set them popping up all across London! Props to Nick and his team for their hard work and dedication.
At some point in our lives we want: weight loss, weight gain or simply maintain, realise we have an intolerance and try to build our nutrition around this.
Food for me personally needs to – healthy, tasty and filling, but does this even exist without having my own personal chef (One day!). At the event, I learnt exactly how the menu worked, how simple it was to use, and how the pricing structure worked. Vita Mojo have implemented the digital element in a clear and intuitive way – you can see exactly what is in your meal and alter it to your needs…
It was great to see a clear menu and showing exactly what ingredients go into your food, how you could alter them according to your needs (or wants) and best of all…
…just how good quality the meal was. I loved the chicken thighs so much! I always find that most establishments fail to get a simple chicken dish right – bland and boring, unless that’s what you’re opting for…
I decided to try a bit of everything and was really surprised at how good everything was. My only gripe was that I’d perhaps over-ordered on the broccoli. But as I’m trying to make healthier choices, it was a wise idea, and the estimated amount of calories was a great indicator that you can still indulge without feeling guilty.
I also met Londonfoodaddict and we spoke about our love of food, trying new places and that the meaning of life is probably food. If you don’t already follow her, do check out her Instagram feed (literally), it will leave you drooling. We both agreed that:
I’d rather go home full than drunk…
This is #MyVitaMojo story – what’s yours?
Char xo

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