December 20, 2016

Memoirs: Newbury Races – Event Roundup

Back in November I attended the Bet365 Hennessy Gold Cup race-day at Newbury Racecourse and had such a brilliant day despite the cold weather and being a little hungover (story of my life).

Faux Fur Real

I took along my friend Tessa as I knew this was something we’d both never experienced so we would be both going in with our eyes wide open. I met up with Kristina from Mode of Style and a few other bloggers bright and early at Victoria armed with a sausage roll and Fanta (weird).

We took a stylish silver Mercedes minibus down to the event which was located a little outside London, not too far from Reading. We indulged in some prosecco (it’s never too early for a drink and hair of the dog n’ all) and crisps whilst chatting about everything and anything. It was so interesting to hear about Kristina’s Christmas plans in Sweden and how their plans differ from the UK.


Once arriving at Newbury Racecourse; we were greeted by Richard Boobyer who gave a little insight to the day, a history about the course and a little heads up about the after-party later on in the day.
I am by no means a fashion blogger, I love fashion but my own personal style is neutral basic but lately I’ve been dipping in and out of Winter trends. One that comes around every year is faux fur and I remembered that I’d bought one from ASOS. I wore this with a striped shirt dress, tights and heeled boots – my aim was to be somewhat stylish and comfortable.

One thing horse-racing events are famed for in the UK is fashion. It was great to be at an event with the guys suited and booted, the ladies in dresses, heels and some very flamboyant hats. Despite the frosty temperatures I did see a few bare legs and daring outfits; my hat goes off to them, they definitely #WinInStyle.

There was a real energy and buzz about the day and it even inspired me and Tessa to put on a few bets. The only thing I had to lose was money, but I only gambled a little to begin with…

OUR HORSE WON! Beautifully named Native River… I wish I’d bet a little more! I can see why gambling is addictive because the heart wrenching surge through your body once you realise you’ve won something is frankly electric. I soon cashed my winnings and told myself it’d go straight into my savings. Yeah right…



Throughout the day we grabbed some amazing complimentary cocktails from the bar, checked out the Hennessy High Street and collected our picnic from Honesty. Excuse my choice of words, but it was honestly so good. The roast beef sandwich would not be something I usually reach for (the perils of choices eh), but I can’t believe how good it tasted. It wasn’t salty at all which I find most roast beef sandwiches to be. Don’t get me started on the deserts; you can find out more about Honesty here. Can I also just how good was the Hennessy hot chocolate? I think I’ll be adding a little to my flask from now on… no one will ever know…

img_4632 img_4631

Overall, I had such a brilliant day – especially in the thick of Winter. It was something different, fun and it really showed me that sporting events aren’t just male-orientated.  How lovely would it be in the spring or summer?



I would like to again thank Newbury Racecourse, Hennessy and Bet 365 for making this day possible and I hope it changed your mind about all things horseracing!

Char xo

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