December 23, 2016

​ Musings: 2017 Travel Milestones


December is a reflective time for us all and as much as I don’t believe in New Years resolutions anymore I do believe in making mini milestones… Here are my travel milestones I hope to achieve by this time next year:
Going with the flow…
I don’t know how but last year I managed to travel a total of seven times. I’m learning more and more to go with the flow and some things don’t need to be planned. I need to open up a little more, be a little more spontaneous and realise I don’t need to get on a plane to ‘travel’.
I love mornings and I always find myself up at the crack of dawn most days. Whenever I see the sunrise I find it so calming. There is something so beautiful about the night giving into the day and the sun rising from it’s slumber.
I need to remember what life was like before the Aden filter took over my life, before hashtags and worrying about getting at least eleven likes.
Image sourced from UnSplash

Image sourced from UnSplash

Learn a language
I have a GCSE in French… oooh la la la but what I want to do is pick a language and attempt to become fluent or at least conversational. Something that bothers me when I’m abroad is certain holidaymakers belittling the staff or locals when the other person doesn’t understand their request. It’s just pure ignorance and I never want to be that person getting frustrated in foreign territory because I can’t understand someone.
I’m not exactly sure what language I want to learn but I do have a a few ways to learn in mind… Duolingo, Rosetta Stone, taking up a class?
Image sourced from UnSplash

Image sourced from UnSplash

The amount I spent on travel this year I could have probably put a deposit on a flat (outside London in the middle of nowhere if you’re wondering). I love travelling but I also know I need to be smart about my finances as I have big plans for my future. Using websites like Sunshine for cheap all inclusive deals, tracking flights on SkyScanner and just keeping an eye out for bargains. Why pay more when you can pay less?
Do you have any travel plans for 2017? Let me know by commenting below or tweeting me
Char xo

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