January 22, 2017

Musings: Style Icon – Rihanna

When researching Rihanna’s style for this post, I was fascinated by just how multi-faceted she is, as well as her style. From her hair, to her clothes, make up to tattoos, she is someone who embodies the definition of a risk taker. I don’t know if it’s because she has the physique of  a supermodel or just her overall attitude but to me she really manages to pull everything off with ease. Whether it be walking around NYC in the early hours of the morning in an oversized heart-shaped fur coat or a dress resembling an omelette to the Met Ball

Rihanna - not looking for a man

Some wisdom from RiRi as I focus in 2017…



Girly. Gothic. Ratchet. High fashion. Sports luxe. Red carpet extraordinaire…

Make me up…

Whenever I sit down in front of the mirror  to do my make-up I always wonder if I’ll be able to get my make up as perfect as RiRi’s when I’m done. She loves a bold lip (her cupid bow is perfect), a subtle contour and to emphasise those green eyes and with a Mac collection under her belt, I would too.

Hair you go…

I’ve never known someone to pull off pretty much every single hair colour. Ever. My favourite phase was ‘Red-anna’.

Tattoo me…

Whenever someone brings up the subject of tattoos there is always that negative Nancy who moans with something along the lines of ‘What about when you get old, your skin will sag’. Well duh. Unless we find the fountain of youth in the next few years, all our skin will be going down south. Thanks gravity. Anyway RiRi has set off a few tattoo trends over the past years, from the stars down her back, the Egyptian décolletage on her chest or the Drake shark on her ankle, it’s hard not to think about taking a trip to the tattoo parlour when looking at photos of Rihanna.

I’m just going to leave you with RiRi’s favourite accessory (and mine too)… the wine glass.

What do you think of Rihanna’s style? Love or loathe?

Char xo

Featured Image sourced from Rihanna’s Instagram @badgalriri.

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