February 15, 2017

Musings: My Non-Alcoholic Night In

I’ve noticed I’m drinking less and less these days. I’m not on any sort of alcohol ban or ‘detox’ but just at a place in my life where I don’t need to be going out every night and drowning my sorrows. If I’m honest I cannot take the two-day hangover either. This leads me to Eisberg’s alcohol free wine which I was recently sent some samples to try. You’re probably thinking alcohol free wine… really? Does such a thing exist? Well yes it does!

Dry January or Dry Me?

Sometimes you just don’t want to drink, but you want to enjoy the taste of a glass of alcohol. This is where Eisberg comes in, their wine is low-calorie but still made from exactly the same ingredients. It’s only in the end process where the alcohol is taken out that makes Eisberg wines what they are.

Sparkling Wine


One of the samples I received was the Sparkling Rosé, which is described as:

Tasting notes: Our ripe and juicy alcohol-free Sparkling Rosé is bursting with fruity notes of red cherry and strawberry.

Occasion: Eisberg Sparkling Rosé is great for celebrating special occasions.

My thoughts were that everyday is a special occasion, especially when you have had a hard/day/week/year. I cracked this bottle open on a Friday night, fully intent on enjoying a takeaway and a side of Netflix. My first impressions were that it was dry but neat and fruity notes weren’t overpowering. As I had an intense HIIIT session with my trainer the next day, I felt less guilty for not going for my usual Sauvignon Blanc meaning I could wake up with a little more energy than normal.



This would be a great wine for summer, I can certainly imagine popping open a bottle in the park with some friends or at a BBQ (if anyone invites me this year).

The other sample I tried was the Chardonnay which is generally my tipple of choice. Even my Twitter bio says so.

Tasting notes: Chardonnay is the perfect party tipple! A fruity, alcohol-free white wine with soft vanilla aromas and crisp apple flavours and a hint of honey on the finish. And with only 26 calories in a 125ml glass, what’s not to love?



My initial thoughts were on the aroma and I could smell hints of honey and something else, I’m not quite sure? I drank this alone on Saturday night with some bread and soup (I’ll be writing about this soon). At this precise moment I wondered where my social life had gone for me to be drinking alcohol free wine on a Saturday night, but do you know what? It’s okay. Some of the best moments you can have are with yourself, just being. Knowing that I wouldn’t have to wake up a raging hangover and transactions on my bank statement I didn’t recognise made me find solace in that moment. If you’re wondering the Chardonnay is as suggested probably best suited to chicken and salads and this is a wine definitely to be sipped, enjoyed and not inhaled.


Overall, if you’d come to me a few years ago and asked me to try alcohol free wine, I’d probably laugh and respond with ‘What’s the point?’. But as I have got older, my mind has become more and more open and I get the place of Eisberg’s products on the market. You may be pregnant, watching what you consume (I don’t believe in diets), or just deciding to have a break from alcohol for other reasons, Eisberg offers a range of drinks to fill (ha) this gap. Best of all, they’re SO affordable. How many times have you cried at all the money you’ve spent on overpriced drinks in clubs that are probably paint stripper anyway? My count is in the hundreds *sigh*. Bottles of Eisberg’s wine start at £3.49 which is an absolute bargain and if you’re worried you’ll get bored with the taste, there are whole host of cocktail ideas too. After all…


Char xo

Please note, these products were sent for my review, but all views are my own. 

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