April 3, 2017

Musings: Career Quotivation

Do you ever wake up a Monday morning wanting to hide under your duvet and not face the world? Or perhaps the Sunday night dread kicks in and messes with your head.


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Sometimes all you need is a little career quotivation to kickstart your week and change your outlook. Perhaps they’ll give you that little push to own the boardoom, ask for that raise, leave a job you hate or just become the confident person that you always knew you were.

“Why do you have to choose what type of woman you are? Why do you have to label yourself anything?”
– Beyonce

Do we really need to be labelled and put ourselves in to little boxes in life? We are not clothes, we’re people, so if you are a bit of everything or not, don’t feel like you need to define yourself. The same goes for your work personality, you don’t have to label yourself as the one who likes to stay late. Get your work done by managing your time effectively and leave on time for once!

“I believe that one of life’s greatest risks is never daring to risk.”
– Oprah

They say life begins at the end of your comfort zone, so if you’re stuck in a rut, challenge yourself. You never know what doors (or windows) will open for you.

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“Write what you know.”
– Mark Twain

Mr. Twain couldn’t have said it any better. Whether you’re an aspiring blogger, poet or writer, writing what you know reigns true to success.

“I surround myself with a talented group of people who are opinionated and interesting. I try to remain very open to what others have to say.”
Anna Wintour

Be open minded, surround yourself with talented people. If you’re wondering how, attend networking events (scour through Eventbrite), meet up with old friends and find out more about their lives. You’ll never know how much you may have in common!

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This post will also appear on Plus Minus Magazine. Do check them out as I write for them too! Featured image sourced from Unsplash.

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