April 20, 2017

Musings: Goodlife Foods: Part Two – A Review

This is a collaborative post Goodlife foods.
As I go through my Goodlife Foods experience I have been wondering as to whether if I can go completely entirely meat free? Realistically, the answer at the moment is probably no as chicken has a special place in my heart but my now mind is much more open.
The next Goodlife Food product I tried was the mushroom and spinach kievs with a creamy garlic and cheese sauce. I was SO excited to try these as I generally love kievs and all the ingredients are some of my favourites.
After coming home from a sweaty gym session I popped these in the often for 30 minutes as I like my food well done. The recommended time is 20 minutes but of course, all appliances vary as well as tastes, just make sure it is cooked through. No one wants an ice-cold middle unless that is your preference.

Love at first bite

I absolutely LOVED the taste of these, the creamy texture of the garlic and cheese sauce to the mushroom and spinach. I honestly think these were made for me. The texture was slightly crumbly but the sauce held it together.
Two of these is perfect and as they contain no additives like traditional chicken kievs you don’t need to worry about overindulging. You shouldn’t anyway because food is fuel.

Best served with?

These would be great on their own or with salad, chips or sliced up and dipped in hummus. If you like chicken kievs, these really make an interesting swap but they’re still filling. For more aesthetically looking suggestions, check out the Goodlife YouTube channel here.
Meat-free doesn’t just have to be blades of grass and rice crackers after all!

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Char xo

This is a collaborative post Goodlife foods;  all opinions are my own. 

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