September 24, 2017

Musings: Getting Smooth with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Range – A Review

Sometimes I wonder if I was blessed with the devil’s curly hair.

To be honest, I’ve probably ruined my hair from heat damage and not looking after properly after purchasing GHDs around 10 years ago. I’ve been ironing the hell out of it for so long, the texture has turned into this…


This is before I coloured it back in April… Just call me COUSIN IT.

Scary right, I know?

The only thing that works for me these days is quarterly (yes, I’ve become that person) Brazilian blowdries, but at £120 a session I need something in-between right?

I was sent the John Frieda Frizz Ease range to try and put to the test a few weeks ago. I have used this range in the past but haven’t done so for the past few years so I was interested to see how it’d work for me and if there had been any improvements in formulation.

First up is the…

The 10 Day Tamer

I’ve never used a product like the 10 Day Tamer before, as most products of this nature usually want you to put them on to wet or damp hair after shampooing and conditioning. I actually had to remind myself to use this before using the Forever Smooth shampoo and conditioner. The bottle says to leave the product on for 8-10 minutes but as my hair texture is thick and curly as well as being long, I left it on for 12 minutes so ensure it really would work. If you have thinner or shorter hair, I would definitely leave it on for the recommended 8-10 minutes. I applied mine from root to tip as instructed and made sure my hair looked ‘wet’ before washing.

The Forever Smooth Shampoo

This shampoo promises to build frizz immunity for smooth hair (I LOVE that description). It is ‘expertly designed for medium-thick and wavy-curly hair types, but suitable for all levels of frizz, including colour-treated hair’ (Source: here). So whether you have the slightest amount of frizz or tons like me, this product will work for you, and those with colour treated hair, like me. Generally when your hair is bleached or lighter, some products can strip it of its essential oils and moisture, but this shampoo didn’t. After two washes, my hair still felt soft rather than an elastic feel like some shampoos have left me before. I then followed up with the…

The Forever Smooth Conditioner

I go through more conditioner than the average bear, I mean person, so like the 10 Day Tamer, I used much more product and left it in much longer than advised. These days I’ve been mixing my usual conditioner with olive oil but I skipped this to see how forever smooth this conditioner would be. Leaving this in for 10 minutes, I washed it out and my hair felt so soft and silky which it hasn’t done so in ages.

I then blowdried it and ran over it with the straighteners and…


Overall, I am SO happy with the results, my hair hasn’t been this straight in SO long.

I would love to try the rest of the range as I think the serum would be great to use everyday to give you that Kardashian shine. Not only that, I used this range on my most recent trip to Vegas and they kept my hair smooth in 38C heat, they deserve applause all around!

You can find out more about John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range here.

Char xo

Please note, these products were kindly sent for me to review, but all views are my own

6 responses to “Musings: Getting Smooth with John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Range – A Review”

  1. Wow the difference is so noticeable! I have awfully thick frizzy hair & this stuff looks great!

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  3. Jade Spall says:

    These hair products are THE BEST. However do you find it makes your hair static? Or maybe that’s just me being weird. But YAS LOVE THESE.

  4. […] another note, one thing I do love about Vegas clubs, and clubs in general in America is AIRCON. No sweaty curly mess over […]

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