September 26, 2017

Musings: Brunching at Four to Eight in Covent Garden

I love brunch.

When I was given the chance to review Four to Eight in Covent Garden I drooled on my keyboard. There is something so satisfying about day drinking (aka skipping the hangover) and food that combines breakfast, lunch and dinner? Brunch is pretty much an opportunity to eat what you want within the hours of 11am to 4pm (I think). However, at Four to Eight, brunch is more of an all day affair and if you’re in town on Sunday, it’s available from 12-6pm. Most brunch places I’ve experienced take place from 12pm to 3pm, which frankly isn’t long enough, what if you wanna sit there all day and eat really really slowly? Ironically, that’s what me and Saalane from Chomp and Nom did and owner Gino gave us an insight to how he got started, his Italian roots and all things Four to Eight.

In a nutshell, the team behind Four to Eight describe their chic restaurant as:

Our chefs focus on simple produce, and creates lovely dishes with between four and eight ingredients in each. Dishes are heavily influenced owners Gino and Leo’s Sicilian heritage but they also draw on other cuisines for some delicious combinations.



Cannellini Beans, pumpkin, red peppers

I opted for the Tuscan sausage which could have been a meal on it’s own. The perfect brunch starter with an Italian twist, the pumpkin was a really interesting addition and I couldn’t put my finger what it was at first. Not only that, the food was hot and presented beautifully. This almost makes me want to recreate it in the kitchen, but I could just go back for another brunch instead….


Turns out steak tartare, pork belly and Nutella gnocchi are the way to this girl’s heart.

I’ve never had steak tartare before and this was lovely with a dressing of wasabi which sounds crazy but was yum! The crackling on the pork belly was the stuff of crispy dreams and Nutella gnocchi is the kind of foodie love child we need more of in this world.


Served with crispy egg


I had the chicken with the diced sweet potato which was divine. The chicken was fresh, fell right off the bone and the skin was crispy and crunchy, if this is the way Italian roast chicken is done, goodbye UK. I loved the contrast of the sweet potato and it really complimented the savouriness of the the roast chicken. Food is all about contrasts, right?



Amaretti Crumb

I’m currently looking at this photo the way a mother would look at her newborn baby, with a a heart full of joy. Just the perfect size so the pinch of guilt doesn’t sink in, the Dolche de leche cheesecake is the perfect pick if you like something sweet as well as savoury. The breadcrumbs melt into your mouth along with the chocolate sauce and you’ll want to sit in silence afterwards to enjoy the moment you just had… I’ll leave you alone with that thought.


Who doesn’t love prosecco, especially in a beautiful glass like this? I didn’t opt for the bottomless brunch but if you want to, it’s only £18 for a free-flowing 90 mins. Sounds like a bargain if you ask me and it’s the good stuff, not one that leaves a kick in your mouth after the first sip. As a seasoned bruncher, I’ve noticed a few establishments buy the cheap stuff in bulk so the bottomless brunches seem like a bargain but aren’t that great at all. Not at Four to Eight.

I also tried this beautiful cocktail which I cannot for the life of me remember the name, but I do remember how fresh and refreshing it tasted. It really represented all of what Four to Eight are, with simplicity at it’s core.

Filling, tasty and authentic, if you don’t give Four to Eight a try, that means there is more for me.

Get on down to Covent Garden for a fresh alternative to the usual London brunch affair with an Italian twist. If you’re looking to book your Christmas party, or any other special occasion, do get in touch with them as they have a private dining room.

Have you dined at Four to Eight before? You can check out the menu here.

Thanks so much to brothers Gino and Leo for sharing their dream.

Char xo

Please note, my meal was complimentary in exchange for a review, but all views are my own. 

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  1. AnjaGe says:

    Looks so yummy 💕😍

  2. aprilkoenig says:

    I love brunch too! Looks so yummy!

  3. TheTypicalBeautyBlog says:

    That main tho 😍 P.S I noticed nutella gnocchi on their menu?! 😍😍😍

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