September 30, 2017

Musings: My Top 5 Morning Skincare Products

Getting ready in the morning has been a struggle lately due to the change in seasons and I’d happily stay in bed all day but I gotta go to work and stack those coins.

Usually I spend ages getting ready in the morning as I have to add time in for sitting in my towel, laughing at memes and spending too long trying to pick an outfit. I’ll never change, but the products I use in the morning do. Here are a few of my top morning skincare products as of late…

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

I’m not sure if primer counts as skincare or make up but what the hell its here. I’d never used anything Smashbox until I went to one of the Keziah Connections events sometime over summer. On a whim, I purchased not one, but three of their primers for the bargain price of £38 (that’s not a bargain is it haha) and I have been LOVING the Photo Finish primer. It really blurs pores, looks flawless alone and underneath make up. I’m sad to say that this is now gonna have to be repurchased. *Bye money*

Evian Spray

This can only be described as hydration in a can or a bouji bottle spray. Its great for setting make up, or cooling you down when you feel a little flustered. I get really hot in the mornings so I reach for this if I need to get that fresh feeling back.

Malee Body Conditioning Cream


I was kindly sent this a few weeks ago from the team at Malee and I have used it for 3 weeks straight and it has made SUCH a difference to the way my skin feels. If I haven’t mentioned before, my skin is DRY as hell and living in London with very hard water really affects it. I have to liberally apply moisturiser to counteract as soon as I come out of the shower. However, with the Malee Body Conditioning Cream I actually used less product. HOW? I think it’s down to the thickeness of the cream and the fact that it really soaks into the skin rather than sitting on top of it. Not only that, it smells like a holiday, like you know day two, when you’ve finally relaxed, the jetlag is over and your hair and skin start to flourish, that’s what its like. Funny that, you can actually find the Malee range in luxe hotels throughout the globe. Hold that thought whilst I book a flight. Check out their full range of beautiful products here. 

JoJoba Oil

Ever since reviewing it here, Jojaba oil has become a staple in my morning skincare routine and I forgot about it until I found it at the bottom of my skincare box. It’s a multipurpose product and if you’re in a rush it doubles as a moisturiser, hair oil and cuticle oil.

Dr Paw Paw

Another multipurpose product, you’re probably sensing a theme here, or I’m probably lazy, who knows. Dr Paw Paw is my go to lip balm and hand cream if I’m in a real rush, plus I can throw it in my handbag and use it throughout the day.

What are your favourite morning skincare products?

Char xo

Please note, some of these products were sent for me to review, but all views are my own.

4 responses to “Musings: My Top 5 Morning Skincare Products”

  1. jewel9075 says:

    I love your style of writing! You’re super funny! Also, that is a good deal for 3 smashbox primers! I’m from Canada, so I know the dollar is slightly different, but for one over here, it comes to like $40 after taxes!

  2. […] and stop my hair from drying out. If you live in London, you’ll notice the water is ‘hard‘ meaning lots of limescale but consequently dry skin and even drier hair. Hair products that […]

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