October 19, 2017

Memoirs: Cooking with Grohe

I can’t cook.

But I do like a challenge.
When I was invited down to a cooking class with Grohe I was a little nervous. Would everyone be moonlighting sous-chefs and there be me who has never even seasoned a chicken?

Tap water in London is disgusting, it’s full of god knows what and I cringe knowing I have to use it every day. When I travel, I notice my skin clears up and isn’t as dry, so there definitely is something in my city’s water. Anyway, because of that, I drink bottled water daily and it does make me worried about my carbon footprint. More water goes into producing a bottle of water than is actually in the bottle, so it was really interesting to discover the importance of ‘unbottled’ water both in terms of sustainability and the benefits and ease it can bring to everyday life.

Renowned Chef Baines was on hand to show us all how filtered water can enhance recipes and my favourite… cocktails. I even tried a few that didn’t taste any alcohol. All from a Grohe tap!

Who doesn’t love canapes? Little bites of heaven and mine actually tasted okay…

My favourites were the cheese twists and what I will call ‘chocolate pops’. Best of all, they didn’t even take that long to make. I always had this idea that cooking took forever, but I reckon most of these recipes took 10 minutes at most? Best of all, I got to sample some of the Grohe cocktails throughout as being in a kitchen with a load of press and talented chefs makes for thirsty work….


It was such a fun evening and it really opened my eyes about the way water can be used in the cooking process. I wasn’t too clued up it beforehand if I’m honest and as the world is changing, so is the environment. It’s important to take action now so we can prevent things happening in the future (or at least try to).

Check out the Grohe tap here, will you be getting #Unbottled this winter?

Char xo


Images courtesy of Grohe and some taken on my terrible iPhone…  

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