November 14, 2017

Memoirs: Stylist Live – Event Roundup

This past weekend I headed on down to Stylist Live to indulge in a little shopping, hear a few talks and celebrate the weekend with one of my favourite publications…


Print media is a dying breed and it reminds me of the times when I was eager to get into journalism as a teenager. I took a step back and decided to blog instead, preferring to be self published rather than have to write a certain way about things I didn’t actually care about. Fast forward my mid-20s, Stylist is one of the few publications I look forward to reading because the content is thought-provoking, relevant and appeals to me as a woman in modern times. Not only that, it has done so much to become inclusive over the years, realising that not all of us have straight hair, blue eyes and the ‘ideal body’. Instead, they regularly feature products, brands and services for women of colour which should be commended. Publications still have a long way to go, but it’s somewhat of a start…

Stylist Live

Stylist Live basically brings the publication to life with a live event, shoppable stores, relevant talks and my favourite… food. This year I decided to go VIP and it was worth it as it included exactly that, priority to certain talks, front row catwalk seats, food and an amazing goodie bag. My only gripe about the event is that at certain points everything seemed super crowded so perhaps it would have been good to arrive earlier or have crowds come at certain points of the day?

Anyway, this post is short, so to distract you instead, here are some photos I captured on the day…

Would I go back? YES.

It was a huge improvement on the last year but I think the talks were better last year. Can’t have it all can we? I will be definitely going next year though!

Char xo

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  2. […] were the big lashes of the 60s, but on to even bigger hair… 70s vibes on the catwalk at Stylist Live. You can’t even mention 70s hair without the legendary Farrah Fawcett with her feather cut […]

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