December 16, 2017

Musings: Some Unlikely London Restaurants I Love

I always find the best inspiration for my blog posts on Twitter and it just so happens that this gem popped up on my timeline the other day…

Stylist Magazine (who I adore by the way), posted an article titled ‘London’s top 10 restaurants revealed, as voted for by real Londoners’ which you can read here. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure these restaurants are beautiful in decor and sublime in food, but I can’t help but wonder what ‘real Londoners’ voted?

I’ve lived in my entire life and I have never eaten at any of these places… When I think of London’s top restaurants, my mind deviates to all the different areas, different boroughs and food unique to them. Want a curry, go to Brick Lane? Craving a kebab, head to Green Lanes. I just can’t help but think this article is missing a trick and focusing on a particular type of establishment. I’ve always thought that looks are deceiving and some of the best places look the worst, so here are a few of mine and Tanya’s favourite restaurants in the capital…

La Bella Italia

They always have a voucher code, usually 40% off or 2 for 1 on mains, I’m all about deals and you can’t do wrong with a bit of Italian…


Shanghai, Dalston

I’ve only been here once but it is probably the best Chinese I’ve had in London. Not much of a looker from the outside, it’s tucked away on Kingsland High Street and it must still be around for a reason. Next time I go I need to take advantage of the karaoke…


The Big Easy

Boozy Brunch on weekends where you get all you can eat meat or lobster with unlimited prosecco for only £30.



£10 for 3 starters amongst other cheap deals, and you can now use the app so you don’t even have to get up from your table.


Pretty much any chicken shop

Okay who knows if the chickens have a name or number, chicken shops are the lifeblood of London and remind me of the days when £2 could keep me fed for a whole day. Thank god for the Chicken Shop Connoisseur enlightening the world with the pengest munches in London.



I just love their Katsu Curry and Chilli Squid, and you can ask for extra sauce for no charge, I’m all about the overload of sauce.


Selale, Green Lanes

Green Lanes is the BEST place for Turkish food and to be honest you are spoilt for choice when you’re down here. I was walking home drunk one night and I stumbled into Selale… It is one of the best kebabs I’ve eaten and I’ve been to Turkey. Not all kebabs have to be mystery meat you know….


Kowloon Chinese Buffet

£12 for a drink and all you can eat Chinese. I love Chinese, I love attempting to eat my body weight in food, I love a bargain, what’s not to love.


The Table, Southwark

I absolutely love The Table and their brunch menu is brilliant. There is something for everyone and their staff couldn’t be more attentive; I hope to see more of this place in the future as I need to stop ordering UberEATS.


Don’t forget to check out Tanya’s blog ‘Glam Glitz Gloss‘ where she covers a little bit of everything. I can’t wait for our Prosecco fuelled night in January… roll on 2018. 


What are some of your favourite restaurants in London? Comment below and I’ll include them in this post!

I’ve also written about some of my favourite foodie places to eat in London here. 

Char xo

11 responses to “Musings: Some Unlikely London Restaurants I Love”

  1. Lena Dee says:

    When I first visited your blog I forgot to tell you how cute it is with the snow falling and such! Yet another lovely post, can never go wrong with a good wine or champagne. I simply love fellow foodies!

    xx Lena

  2. Katey says:

    When I lived in London, I couldn’t even afford any of those places on the stylist post. My favourite place for a curry was near Kew Gardens, I can’t remember its name now (which is pissing me off so much!). I’m on the hunt for the name now!

  3. Susan says:

    Brilliant you are well travelled and well fed , well done

  4. Clair says:

    Love Wagamamas and they do Deliveroo home deliver. But the cheaper option definitely Wetherspoons.

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