April 25, 2018

Memoirs: Phrases I Need to Remove from My Vernacular and What I Really Mean

Okay, after re-reading this post back to myself, I should really just start saying what I mean and meaning what I say. Is it a British thing to skirt around things? But for now and until I grow out of my ways here are a few phrases I need to remove from vernacular and what I really mean.

TBH I just really wanted to use the word ‘vernacular’. 

No worries

Actually do worry and I’m mildly peeved but I’ll be over it in a day or so.

Let’s meet up

Yeah, I don’t wanna meet up but I’m only saying so to be nice. Please refer to my post here on the Joy of Cancelled Plans. I really need to stop saying this but it’s SO HARD. Perhaps I shall just start flaking on everyone again? *insert ghost emoji*


Internally I’m judging you.

I have to go and do xyz now

Really I just want to exit this convo so I’ve given myself an excuse.


Generally this is sent without an emoji and you have inconvenienced me for short moment.


Depending on what it is, most of the time I’m not sorry especially when the other person had inconvenienced me in some way. If someone has bumped into someone in the street, why do I say sorry? Sorry means acknowledging you’ve done something wrong, but if someone walked into my personal space radius why am I apologising? We’ll never know. Find out next week on Memoirs & Musings

Do I need to grow up? Second thought, don’t answer that. 

Sorry, thanks for reading, I’m sure you’ve found this post somewhat interesting  but I have to go and pick up something now.

Char xo 

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  1. This made me smile 😃

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