July 25, 2018

Memoirs: How To Make Your Home-share Harmonious with Ideal Flatmate

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Ideal Flatmate. 

Meeting up with old flatmates and reminiscing about the times you had together makes you feel 1) a little old 2) proud. Living with people you don’t know can be scary but during a stint in my second year of university, I got to live with my best friend, Emma, and some interesting housemates. You might think, was it like being on Big Brother and to some degree it was. There were moments when we wanted to eliminate some of our housemates, but instead of a public, all we could do was write passive aggressive notes on the kitchen noticeboard. 

Me and Emma met up last weekend ago for afternoon tea to reminisce all the things we learnt from living in our uni house and how we’re coping today. 

We agreed that no matter what it is:

Relationships are built on compromise. 

There are a few ways you can make your house or flatshare harmonious though and we’ve come up some problems and solutions you may encounter below.

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Problem – Not paying rent or bills on time. 

Solution – Checking if they’re having cashflow difficulties OR ask for payments beforehand. Best of all, see if all payments can go through your landlord so it doesn’t become *your* problem. No one wants the wi-fi going off halfway through the latest Love Island episode do they? 

Problem – Dirty dishes. Or just plain dirty? 

Solution – Get a cleaner or have a rota system. We’re all busy with work and last thing you want to do after coming home from work is cleaning so the solution to this is getting some hired help. It might seem expensive at first but it will save you arguing along the way. Alternatively employ a rota system or go down the solo route of cleaning as you go along. 

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Problem – Noisy housemate or noisy guests. 

Solution – Talk it out or ear plugs. All about give and take when it comes to having friends over. If it’s a Friday or Saturday night, be lenient, but if its 3am on a Tuesday morning you might wanna lay sound ground rules. Alternatively ear plugs should do it. 

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Problem – Housemate stealing your food?

Solution – Set up a spy cam and catch them out. ONLY joking. Consider getting a fridge in your room if it becomes and issue or suggest doing a group shop. 

When it comes to problem housemates or problems in your house, remember that: 

Communication is KEY.

Is there an ideal flatmate? Yes. If you don’t know one, then it isn’t you (or me). Fortunately you save yourself the hassle of nightmare housemates by searching through Ideal Flatmate. You’ll be glad to hear that their algorithm tool makes it easier to find prospective housemates with only 20 questions to answer. It will be love at first swipe and you’ll be giving the cast of FRIENDS a run for their money now.

Char xo 

Please note, this post is in collaboration with Ideal Flatmate, all views are my own of course.

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