August 7, 2018

Musings: Testing Out Vision Direct Lenses – A Review

Please note, this is collaborative post with Vision Direct. 

I went sent some of the Focus Dailies All Day Comfort Lenses by the team at Vision Direct and in true Charlotte style, I had to put them to the test in a variety of situations. If you wear contact lenses yourself or are considering wearing them, you should consider the environments you’ll be wearing them in. Are they for every now and then? Nights out? Work? Sport? Or just simply to take a break from your spectacles?

Mine is for all of those reasons, I routinely like to take a break from glasses as sometimes I wonder if people see me or them first. Weird right? I guess things will become clearer in 2020. Anyway, enough of me wishing for the future and here’s how I got on with the Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses in the past. 

Festival Fun

I went to Wireless Festival in early July and this was the perfect opportunity to test-drive these contact lenses. When it comes to festivals, I am conscious that sometimes there might be dust around because of the grass and after a few drinks, my attention to detail might not be the same. Tell me I’m not the only one? 

Hands up who is over the heatwave!?

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Quick selfie before @wirelessfest yesterday! Thank you to @debenhams / @debenhamsprteam for inviting me and the @katvondbeauty / @thekatvond goodies. I’m wearing the everlasting lip liner in ‘Satellite’ as an eyeliner and the liquid lipstick in ‘Saint’ with a brown liner. Eyeliner is my holy grail tattoo liner in ‘Trooper’. Top is from @debenhams of course! #kvdxdebenhams . . . . #katvondcosmetics #katvond #katvond #bblogger #beautyblogger #lipstick #liquidlipstick #lipliner #debenhams #debenhamsbeauty #wirelessfestival #wireless #mua #motd #festival #selfie #fblchat

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The verdict: They stood the test! I usually carry a spare pair around with me all the time incase my eyes get dry and I didn’t have to change them. Best of all, not at one part of the day did my eyes feel at all dry.

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At Work

Life is a spectacle…

Most of the time, I wear my specs, simply because laziness takes over and they’re just ‘easy’. However, I do like to switch it up and wear contact lenses as I usually go to beauty blogger events after work. What was great about these is that they lasted ALL day. I put them in around 7am and came home at 10pm and they were still intact. 

Counting down the minutes until lunch

Counting down the minutes until lunch

The verdict: Although I did have to put eye drops halfway through the day, I suspect this was more to the air-conditioning than the lenses themselves.

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Working Out

Glasses get in the way when working out. They steam up like you’ve just opened the oven to take out your dinner and when working out, its nice to have nothing restricting you (other than your personal trainer).

The verdict: They withheld a sweaty session with my PT and they didn’t fall out when I wiped my face with my towel. 

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A Night On The Tiles 

Nights on the town are becoming a rarity in my ‘old’ age but if its one thing I always do and that’s wear lenses. Glasses and a glam face just don’t suit me in my book, plus clubs are hot, weirdos like to take your glasses off and that isn’t right. 


A direct vision… 

What I love most about Vision Direct is the fact that they send sweets with your order. No seriously, before I had this opportunity I was a customer and will always be. Their delivery is quick, so you can count on them if you need them in an emergency and best of all, their prices are super affordable (with plenty of lenses to choose from). I’m keen to try some of the coloured lenses next, just imagine all the different make up looks I could do with green eyes!

Have you shopped at Vision Direct before? 

Char xo

Please note, this post is collaborative post with Vision Direct, all views are my own. 

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